Laughing Mood: Photo Friday

Not for the serious frame of mind?

I tend toward thinking, reading a variety of nonfiction books, blogs and books designed to make me a better writer. When I’m not writing, working or thinking, I call a friend to go for a walk or work in the garden. Much of my time I give as a volunteer to two or more nonprofits. I volunteer as a teacher for youth at a Center for Spiritual Living (16 plus years) and as Redwood Writers Author Support Facilitator.

One of my all time favorite hair-brained comedies

As I shift my focus from writing nonfiction this season to completing my final revision of mystery book, Dog Leader Mysteries, I lean toward silly humor and dumb videos. Love wild black and white comedies too, like the movie “Bringing Up Baby” starring Kathryn Hepburn and Cary Grant.

Movie animals do amazing work

My only caution today is, don’t adopt or try to care for animals that need much more care, roaming room, food  or interaction than you are willing to give. Think research, what type of life style do you live, are you active everyday and at the level your newly desired pet needs.

Lee Duncan and Rin Tin Tin

Lee Duncan and Rin Tin Tin

Rin Tin Tin, the world’s first movie star dog

I’ve read and written about Rin Tin Tin, and by the way, Lee Duncan found his pup on a battlefield in France during the first World War. After years of trying, Lee never replaced his rescued and beloved Rinty. None of the puppies had Rin Tin Tin’s willingness to work and to enjoy life with Duncan.

Do head on over and read Learning from Dogs by Paul Handover.

Thanks, Deborah Taylor-French


The search engines of the future will be able to see and hear like humans


Too much information?
“You are not alone.” Laurie Anderson sings this line, which just popped into my head. I could write a daily blog just about her lyrics, music and mystery. Anderson happens to be a dog lover. She told a story about a retreat she took in the hills of the North Bay Area and walking to the sea with her little dog. The terror of being watched from the sky shocks her dog to look up at the circling turkey buzzards.
Are we now all little dogs, that should be looking up?
Do you see all the security and surveillance cameras that record you everyday? Walk to any street corner and look up. Walk into a store and make yourself find the one-eyed camera watchers.

Are we all asleep? Does it matter to you that your every action, trip to the market, dog walking moments, arriving and leaving home are recorded?
Yesterday, I raised a greeting card we had picked up to shield my eyes from the lights and studied our reflections in a pharmacy mirror. The curved surface turned the reflected world weirdly bluish and bent. We were being watched, recorded and time stamped.

Now I have a great desire to wear my favorite wide brimmed straw hat, everywhere. Everyday.

Originally posted on Quartz:

Ever since Google burst onto the scene with its pristine white homepage and barebones results page, search has remained essentially the same. There have been improvements: instant search, location- and history-based results, images, news clippings, video. But any query still begins with a user typing in a set of keywords into a text field and hoping that it serves up the appropriate answer. It is little surprise then that fully one quarter of search results fail, writes Stefan Weitz in his new book, Search: How the Data Explosion Makes us Smarter.

Weitz should know. Since 2009, he has served as a senior director of search at Bing, Microsoft’s Google competitor. (He recently moved to Azure, Microsoft’s cloud computing platform.) During his time in that job, Weitz’s job involved figuring out what was coming in search, what new models exist, and travelling the world to meet people and bring back to Redmond ideas about where search is going. His book is a distillation…

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Climate Change spells death for mammals

This blog post, “Public trust and Oregon” comes from Paul Handover’s WordPress blog, Learning from Dogs. Paul writes that  “…Learning from Dogs is about truth, integrity, honesty and trust in every way. We use the life of dogs as a metaphor.” With the first Post published on the 15th July 2009, Paul continues his vision .

The Bill Moyers’ program is less than 30-minutes long. It is extraordinarily fine viewing, especially for the younger viewer. Do share it widely.

The Children’s Climate Crusade.

Full Show: The Children’s Climate Crusade


The very agencies created to protect our USA environment find themselves hijacked by the polluting industries the agencies to regulate. It may just turn out that the judicial system, our children and their children will save us from ourselves.

The new legal framework for this crusade against global warming is called atmospheric trust litigation. It takes the fate of the Earth into the courts, arguing that the planet’s atmosphere – its air, water, land, plants and animals — are the responsibility of government, held in its trust to insure the survival of all generations to come. It’s the strategy being used by Bill’s recent guest, Kelsey Juliana, a co-plaintiff in a major lawsuit spearheaded by Our Children’s Trust, that could force the state of Oregon to take a more aggressive stance against the carbon emissions.

Do you know that

Public trust laws date back to the Roman Empire?

It’s the brainchild of Mary Christina Wood, a legal scholar who wrote the book, Nature’s Trust, tracing this public trust doctrine all the way back to ancient Rome.

Bill Moyers’ quote

Wood tells Bill: “If this nation relies on a stable climate system, and the very habitability of this nation and all of the liberties of young people and their survival interests are at stake, the courts need to force the agencies and the legislatures to simply do their job.”

Producer: Robert Booth. Editor: Rob Kuhns.

Love me, protect me.

This dog’s nose knows where his person went.

Thank you for reading and sharing.

Life on earth means that all mammals’ depend on our taking action on Climate Change. Save the whales.

Save the dogs. Save the children.


Wok this Music?

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Serene Sunday

Serene Sunday? I recommend listening to David Charrier’s remarkable music. This music video makes me want to see where I can buy his music. Click links for further enjoyment  posted below.

Hi-fve or low fi, I love music.

You’ve got dog music?

Photo Credit: Ardilla on Forum

Song title: Hang

So here you go, David Charrier – YouTube Channel

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Deborah Taylor-French

PS. The object David is making music )Wok definition: is a wok; a bowl-shaped frying pan used typically in Chinese cooking.. By the way, Dog Leader  Mysteries is my brainchild, fiction and nonfiction for saving dogs’ lives and dog lovers’ sanity.

See you Monday. Planning  a post not to be missed.

“”Humane Nation; What’s Climate Change got to do with dogs?”


Bus riding dog: Photo Friday

Can your dog do this?

Have you read about this dog? A friend shared a news clipping on this dog’s unusual behavior in Seattle, Washington. Eclipse, as an independent city dog, seems to know to walk only on the sidewalk, get on the bus, take a seat and look out the window, all without assistance from his person. Eclipse even knows, which bus stop to get off at. She always gets off at the DOG PARK stop. “Bus riders report she hops up on empty seats next to strangers, and watches out the window for her stop. Says commuter Tiona Rainwater, “All the bus drivers know her … she makes everybody happy.”

A Metro Transit spokesman said the agency loves that a dog appreciates public transit. The City of Seattle representative suggested that it would be safer for Eclipse to wear a leash and be with her human when she rides the bus, but with a dog this smart, is it a problem? I don’t know the answer. Black lab rides bus alone to dog park USA Today Network Associated Press 1:01 p.m. EST January 14, 2015.

What do you think, can dogs take the bus without their human families?

Hey, when do I get to run?

No dogs off leash

We know that big dogs differ in temperament and in dog to dog communication from little lap dogs. But what makes a dog mature and experienced enough to take on full independence? We know that the confusion and untranslated rules of human life continually challenge us. And what of homeless dogs living in and around people in Bali, Mexico, and Russia? By clicking this link, you will find my “Smart Thinking Dogs Ride the Metro”  written and posted videos on free-roaming dogs that ride trains in organized groups in Russia. Often those who live with dogs, like we do, find dogs understand far more of our human lives than we think possible. After watching dozens of dogs off leash on city streets of Baja California Sur, Mexico. No dog seemed homeless and all but one stayed on the sidewalk.

Do dogs ever become 100% street-smart?

Black Dog

Street smarts or leash required?

What do dogs know? What do dogs remember? We know dogs learn. We know some dogs show exceptional learning abilities,  much great than other dogs. Somewhere I read that the average dog has the intelligence of a human toddler. Now, none of us would let a toddler walk city streets, get on and off a bus alone. But what of special cases? History shows exceptions to rules and to the “average.” Clearly, Eclipse breaks the rule, the average and reshapes our expectations of what dogs can and should be able to do.

 “The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals 
are treated.” Mahatma Gandhi

Have you read Merle’s Door: Lessons from a Freethinking Dog by Ted Kerasote? Of book talks, life and books by Kerasote can be found on his Website his 2014 Pukka’s Promise: The Quest for Longer-Lived Dogs, in paperback, looks to be interesting to those of us who want our dogs to live the longest, healthiest lives possible. Find more about this top creative nonfiction author on his Website

True dog story (tearjerker ahead)

A Marin County ethical keeshond breeder shared this true story of their longtime and favorite dog. For years and years, the behavior of their family dog and top champion male looked totally stable. His nature showed pure calm and obedience. They all got into a pattern of allowing this canine patriarch time to lay on the front lawn in their neighborhood circle street. He always remained serene, watching, never chasing, barking or moving.

On afternoon as this keeshond patriarch lay on his grassy lawn-the unthinkable happened-he ran infant of car. Now fortunately, this beloved family keeshond did not die. But he suffered, ever after, from epileptic fits. Makes me wonder if we fool ourselves in imagining that dogs can navigate city streets safely.

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This Monday, January 19, Paul at Learning from Dogs reflagged and added his own unique perspective on “Bus riding dog: Photo Friday” in his “A wonderful insight into dogs.” Please visit Learning from Dogs.

Dog Chocolate Toxicity Meter

What took me so long?

Just stumbled on this PetMD Dog Chocolate Toxicity Meter. What a helpful and important resource, just type in what type of chocolate your dog ate and the meter states how toxic it is. My mission rolls out in my blog’s tagline “saving dogs’ lives and dog lovers’ sanity.” Four years ago, I set my purpose yet I have strayed a bit from it.

Blogging goals for 2015?

My goals for 2015 include sticking to this mission statement tighter in order to write and publish e-books, relating strongly to my purpose for Dog Leader Mysteries.

The thought just struck me to call this “Mystery Monday” and begin sharing my fiction on Monday. Perhaps, I will need to wait a bit due to the need to choose between vs. In the meantime, you will find my blog on, until I get this all figured out.

PetMD Dog Chocolate Toxicity Meter

Beware of what goes in my mouth.

Beware of what goes in my mouth.

Thanks for reading, sharing and caring about dogs.

Deborah Taylor-French





Photo Friday: California Dreaming

Young Golden Retriever adopted from a shelter

When we met this young dog, his new dad had just adopted him from an animal shelter. We offered to hold his dog’s leash, so the man could make a quick trip into Trader Joes. What a lovely young dog. He watched the doors, waiting for his new dad.

What do you want? Just say the word.

Young adopted dog waiting for his dad.

Please adopt, do not shop.

Please adopt, don’t shop for your next dog. Remember millions of wonderful puppies and dogs die in shelters all over the United States of America, due to not being adopted. If you never have adopted, talk to people who have. I’ve adopted and raised five dogs, all wonderful dogs, including two purebred keeshonds, Dawn and Nabisco. Both dogs came back three times from families to their ethical breeders due to a buy back contract.

Lifetime buy back dog breeder contract

Nabisco and Dawn, our keeshond dogs

Nabisco and Dawn, our keeshond dogs

What is an ethical dog breeder?

Definition of an ethical dog breeder: a breeder who only breeds dogs free of health issues, screens potential puppy purchasers and stands behind a legal contract signed by the buyer to sell back each puppy to the breeder for the life of the dog.

An Italian retriever wearing a video camera

Thanks for reading and sharing. Please share this message, adopt, don’t shop. Keep sharing until no more dogs end up being killed due to lack of homes.

Join the Humane Society of the United States.

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Deborah Taylor-French




Neuroscience key to animal happiness

“…research in neuroscience has been showing that emotions drive behavior, and my thirty-five years of experience working with animals have shown me that this is true. Emotions come first. You have to go back to the brain to understand animal welfare.”

Animals Make Us Human : Creating the best life  for  Animals

by Temple Grandin & Catherine Johnson

Water dogs having a blast in Spring Lake Park

Water dogs having a blast in Spring Lake Park

By Deborah Taylor-French

Those of us who live and/or work with animals know…

animals have emotions.

Temple Grandin has made the understanding, care and handling of farm animals her life’s work. I refer to her book Animals Make Us Human because not only has she studied farm animals, but she also loves and lives with pets. In her books, especial this one, she insists that we must understand how animals brains work, how they see, hear and smell every sensory detail in their surroundings.

Animals emotions drive their behavior.

To make a better life for our pets, for domestic and wild animals we must understand the main emotions that drive behavior. This will help us to turn on their positive emotions and avoid turning on FEAR, RAGE and GRIEF.

Example: Rabbits and horses are prey animals.

  • Never chase either rabbits or horses.
  • Teach your pet rabbit or horse come to you.
  • Always reward them for recognizing their name and coming when called.
  • When you chase a prey animal, you make him or her fearful of you!

Emotions are the gifts of our ancestors. We have them and so do other animals. We must never forget this. When it comes to animal welfare we can always do better. Most of the time “good welfare” is not “good enough.”

The Emotional Lives of Animals by Marc Bekoff.

Dogs Depend on us for freedom from fear and safety

  • Never tied up your dog unless it is in your company in a human training session.
  • A dog needs to feel he call flee to safety.
  • Be sensitive to your dog’s fear signals and show him you will protect and calm him.
  • Increase your dogs positive emotions by interesting, but not overstimulating activities.
  • Always stop training before your dog gets tired.

Dogs are the only animals that live with us inside of their flight zone.

Dogs depend on us for positive and playful lives

When you help increase an animal’s curiosity, you turn on his or her positive emotions of SEEKING and PLAY.

Example: Dogs love to play.

  • Find a time and place when both you and your dog seem relaxed.
  • Invite your dog to play by doing a play bow or picking up his favorite toy.
  • Use an excited and happy tone of voice to call your dog.
  • Run away.
  • When your dog chases you, stop.
  • Wait for your dog to run then chase.
  • Always stop before your dog seems fearful or overexcited.

Dogs love this game, which dog lovers know dogs play every chance they get.

Temple Grandin Website and Book Orders

Blog the Change for Animals

Blog the Change for Animals

Thank you for reading.

Please share for the sake of all animals, because as

Temple Grandin says,

“Animals make us human.”

Please visit and share Blog for the Change for Animals – this October 15, 2013

Animals defy our tendency to define their lives and their limits.

For further information on brain research, emotions in animals and the primary-process emotional-affective networks of mammalian brains read US National Library of Medicine  National Institutes of Health on the work of Jaak Panksepp, Ph.D. Affective neuroscience of the emotional BrainMind: evolutionary perspectives and implications for understanding depression


Today Show: American Kennel Club Approved Puppy Mill Pups

A Distinguished Member of the Humane Society

A Distinguished Member of the Humane Society (Photo credit: Wikipedia.

Help stop puppy mill breeders from parading as American Kennel Club approved breeders.

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“New accusations that one of the country’s largest organizations dedicated to dogs, the American Kennel Club, isn’t doing enough to protect animals. TODAY National Investigative Correspondent Jeff Rossen reports.”  

Do you know that the American Kennel Club has only nine inspectors for the entire United States of America?

In my opinion, this is NOT nearly enough inspectors to do site visits at even 10% of all AKC approved breeders. AKC pedigreed puppies should be bred for healthy lives and under humane conditions. Don’t the dogs and the dog buyers deserve this?

What do you think? 

Can 9 breeder inspectors protect all AKC registered breed dogs across American from unethical and inhumane puppy mill breeders?

American Kennel Club Hounds

American Kennel Club Hounds (Photo credit: eschipul)


Video: One of the country’s largest organizations dedicated to dogs, the American Kennel Club, is facing new accusations from the Humane Society and the ASPCA saying that some AKC-registered breeders are raising dogs in filthy, inhumane conditions. NBC’s Jeff Rossen investigates.”

The Today Show

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

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AKC-registered breeders raising dogs in ‘miserable’ conditions

Help dog buyers stop buying puppy mill dogs approved by the American Kennel Club. Help dog lovers find breed rescue groups and shut puppy mills. No more animal cruelty under the AKC stamp of approval. Dogs lives and futures depend on us. Be their voice. Speak up. Write for dog rescue and adoption.

Yours most truly,

Deborah Taylor-French