Too Nosy: Wordless Wednesday

Hey, what do you smell. I smell chicken.

Hey, what do you smell. I smell chicken.

By Deborah Taylor-French at

Blog Paws Wordless Wednesday

Going for a Walk

I met these two as they headed out for a walk. Their walker let them sniff me, but only at a safe distance. I wonder what their noses told them about me.

The littlest nose said, “She’s not scary. I don’t smell any fighting on her.”

The bigger nose said, “I like her head, it doesn’t smell like flowers.”

The littlest nose said, “I smell rabbit, a little fat dog and something weird.”

The bigger nose said, “Wow! Check out her pocket on my side, chicken treats. I hope she shares them.”

Keep on Hopping

Keep on Hopping

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About dogleadermysteries

Deborah blogs to save dogs' lives and dog lovers' sanity. She blogs at Her mysteries brim with action, dog characters, humor and animal rescue plots. Deborah was selected a guest artist in residency for California’s Artists in the Schools. She holds an M.A. from UCLA and has led numerous educational workshops. Deborah has parented five adopted dogs and several house rabbits. Deborah serves as Author Support Facilitator for Redwood Writers, the largest branch of the California Writers Club.
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7 Responses to Too Nosy: Wordless Wednesday

  1. FleaByte says:

    Aw man! I was hoping they smelled bacon!

  2. ILoveDogs says:

    Dogs are so nosy. I love it! :)

    • “Do I smell something fishy?” Sydney sends snuffing and friendship licks.

      In Bark Magazine (my fav) someone wrote that it is a good thing dogs can’t speak in our language or they would all stand at the end of our beds saying, “More chicken.”

  3. Thanks for the morning smile.

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