Thanksgiving Table Manners : Photo Friday

By Deborah Taylor-French

Dear Readers,

Thanks for peeking in, following or liking my blog, I am thankful for you, dear reader. Plus I am also thankful for a world full of wonderful pets, and for my friend, editor, and often photographer, Marc Hoffman.

So easy to forget that each moment of life is a gift, especially at difficult or painful times. I am glad to have enjoyed the privilege of writing, taking photographs and thinking of stories to share with you on Dog Leader Mysteries.

I just discovered that my brilliant-thinking great-niece, continues to write her own stories and poems, which she publishes on a private blog!

Spending time with my darling twelve-year-old great-niece, I learned she remembered when she was five or six, sharing a sleepover in my mother’s home. My great-niece and I are early risers, up at 6 A.M.

Of course my great-niece asked me, “What are you doing?”

I said, “I’m writing chapters for my first novel (now in the stage of polishing a final draft).  I never used my computer for playing games.”

Then she asked me to help her write a story. What fun we had doing that together. Yesterday, she credited me with her pursuit of writing.

She said, “Remember when you helped me write stories? Well, I write poetry now. I have a blog, too.” We quickly got out my laptop and she logged in to her blog on her school’s Website. There I sat, delightedly reading her expressively clear thoughts and feelings  in poems and one humorous short story.

Nothing could make me happier than to know this, and feel the love still alive in our hearts for each other.

So dear Reader, none of us may ever know what happiness, comfort or joy any small deed will bring to others.

Being with family, sharing a meal with friends, offering help or listening a child…the outcome of our love and care may never be known, yet our giving goes on and on.

With a heart overflowing with gratitude,


Deb  Sidney

Photo credit: Marc Hoffman

Thanksgiving Table Manners for Dogs

What if your dog had to dine at your dinner table?

Would he or she do such a neat and patient job?

My dog has never sat at our dinning room table, has your’s?

Tell me what happened if you have ever tried anything like this video.

About dogleadermysteries

Deborah blogs to save dogs' lives and dog lovers' sanity. She blogs at Her mysteries brim with action, dog characters, humor and animal rescue plots. Deborah was selected a guest artist in residency for California’s Artists in the Schools. She holds an M.A. from UCLA and has led numerous educational workshops. Deborah has parented five adopted dogs and several house rabbits. Deborah serves as Author Support Facilitator for Redwood Writers, the largest branch of the California Writers Club.
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6 Responses to Thanksgiving Table Manners : Photo Friday

  1. ILoveDogs says:

    That’s fantastic about your great-niece. :) Maya and Pierson have been taught not to beg. They are, however, generally laying under the table at meal times. We have strict rules about feeding them from the table, so they are waiting under the table for in case someone accidentally drops something onto the floor.

    • Actually, I spent years training Sydney to “Down, stay” on his own cushion in the kitchen and feeding him before we ate so he was not feeling too hungry.

      He seemed to be trained only to fall on scraps at a friend’s home, like an unfed wolf.

      Dogs think they are always hungry, a neat survival trick, uh?

  2. Thanks for sharing this funny video! I’m afraid we would get nothing to eat if Easy would sit on the table too :o)

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