The Rest of Pierson’s Gotcha Story – Part I


A wild and wonderful story of dog rescue, a huge Vet bill and a happy dog adoption tale.

Yes, tails are wagging on the American Dog Blog.

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Pierson, Dawn’s dog as seen on “I lLove Dogs, Dawn’s WordPress blog

Readers, you may remember Pierson’s Bad Poetry Day?

Dawn Ross shared this from American Dog BlogI still love Pierson’s offbeat, funny Valentine rhyme, with which he won a prize.

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Dad got me from a shelter.

Dad got me from a shelter.

Big doggy smiles from Dog Leader Mysteries and writer, Deborah Taylor-French. Please come find me on Google+ at

Originally posted on American Dog Blog:

Pierson at Pierson Park 1

Stray dog living at Pierson Park in Kansas City, Kansas in December-January 2012.

On January 10th, Pierson’s official Gotcha Day, I told you about how he was finally caught after living in a park as a stray for nearly a month. But his adventure didn’t stop there. Coming into a strange new home took some adjustment. So let me tell you the rest of Pierson’s story.

Take Him to the Shelter?
When we first started trying to catch this stray dog, my husband didn’t think it would be a good idea to take in a stray. He was worried about bringing in a dog with unknown behaviors and unknown diseases. He suggested that if we catch this dog, we should take him to the humane society, let him go through the adoption process, and then adopt him. There are some no-kill shelters in the Kansas City area, so it was…

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Deborah blogs to save dogs' lives and dog lovers' sanity. She blogs at Her mysteries brim with action, dog characters, humor and animal rescue plots. Deborah was selected a guest artist in residency for California’s Artists in the Schools. She holds an M.A. from UCLA and has led numerous educational workshops. Deborah has parented five adopted dogs and several house rabbits. Deborah serves as Author Support Facilitator for Redwood Writers, the largest branch of the California Writers Club.
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One Response to The Rest of Pierson’s Gotcha Story – Part I

  1. Thanks for reposting about Pierson! :)

    No worries on the last post. I completely understand that life gets in the way. I hope you’re feeling better.

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