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Saving dogs' lives & dog lovers' sanity
Saving dogs’ lives & dog lovers’ sanity

Deborah Taylor-French writes mysteries for children; full of animal rescue and positive dog leadership. She has taught as a guest artist for California’s Artists in the Schools, led numerous teacher workshops and has raised five adopted dogs. Deborah lives with her family in northern California.

Deborah is a member of Redwood Writers, a branch of the California Writers Club. The true story of Sydney’s adoption, “Punk Rocker With A Poodle Brain” is published in “Vintage Voices Four Part Harmony.”

california-writers-club-redwood-writers-sonoma-county-ca-seastorm-press-leigh-anne-lindseyPhoto with Merlin, the magical dog, and author photo by Cindy A. Pavlinac www.CAPavlinac.com

Saving dogs’ lives and dog lovers’ sanity.

  • Help your dog live a long and happy life.
  • Find helpful safety and teaching tips, read good news dog adoption and rescue stories, help homeless dogs find forever families.
  • Share tips for discipline without negative or harsh treatment.

What Is A Dog Leader? A Dog Leader is the most important person in a dog’s life. A Dog Leader gives a dog everything it needs, shows it how to behave and how to stay safe.

What Does A Dog Need From A Leader?

  • A dog needs a leader to provide water, food, and play.
  • A dog needs to learn how to get along in the world of people.
  • A dog doesn’t understand dangerous things like traffic or what not to eat.
  • A dog is a social animal so he does not like to be alone.

How To Be A Dog Leader With Games and Training

  • Fun ways to teach your dog how to have a happy, healthy life.
  • How to make friends with a dog, why dogs will work for food, how to use praise, how to teach your dog his name, and other positive training tips.

Dog Leader Mysteries Bites

  • Mystery stories full of dogs, dogs, and more dogs.
  • Bad guy chasing, plus more trouble than you can shake a dog toy at.
  • Some dogs are trouble. Some dogs make trouble. Some dogs find trouble.
  • Read about kids with dogs who go looking for trouble.

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      “Don’t make the mistake of treating your dogs like humans, or they’ll treat you like dogs.” Martha Scott


  1. Thanks for the like on my site. I have a 3 year old wheaten terrier and he is a character in my third novel. You have an interesting site for anyone who likes dogs.
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