Don’t Let Your Dog Fly out of a car: Photo Friday

By Deborah Taylor-French

Flying dogs? No, I am not talking of soaring canines, racing off diving platforms after tossed toys. I love watching dogs in action. Mutts racing and jumping for fly balls and agility competing hounds that run through tunnels and climb steep ramps.

This week I reblogged on seat belts for dogs because I want to make our world safer for drivers, car passengers, and dogs in cars. And if your dog loves sticking his head out a window while he rides, it is far safer to strap him in then open a window just a few inches.

Keep your dog safe by buckling  him up-every time.

Each year thousands of Americans die in car crashes. Half of them did not have to die. Three-seconds would have saved their lives.

They just needed to fasten their seat belts.

So simple to do. Snap on a seat belt.

Seat belts can save your dog’s life too. They are easy to locate and buy on the Internet, at feed stores, and at pet shops. When I bought Sydney’s, I  purchased one with a money back guarantee so we could see if it fix and worked right.

In this photograph see his black seat belt also functions as a harness (in case I forget to pack one).

Please share. Help Sydney and me save dogs’ lives. Thanks!

Sid on leash

Go fetch Buckle Up Fido, Snoopy and Spot 

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