Sydney’s First Spot

I’m busy today, following my nose. My ears will tell me what to bark at. I have to let my leader know what to go see and investigate. I’ve got a big house to keep safe. The stairs are steep for a short-legged guy like me. Because I’m full of bouncy energy, I dash up and down faster than anybody. Everyday, I get my leader to play games. She makes me work for my food.  Sometimes, I do, “Sit, stay, or wait.”  I like finding the food she hides for me. It’s one of our favorite ways to play.

I love it when I get to walk on different trails. From the way I look, you may not guess how much I love walking the grassy hills, deer trails and beaches. The first time I went to the bay and ran on the sand, I looked at my leader, thinking, “All this for me? Wow!”

Six years ago, I was a one-year-old. For a while, I lived with one family then I had another. Someone put me in a diaper. They didn’t house train me, and before I knew it, I was staying in a noisy place with no family. After three weeks that felt like forever, I was adopted. For sometime, my new mommy and big sister kept me tied to them until I learned where the doggie bathroom was. My big sister taught me how to weave poles, ride a skateboard and some tricks that won us prizes. Now, I have my canine good citizen paper plus I know how to jump over all kinds of stuff and ride in a bike basket.

Soon, I’ll be making my own movies.

Guess what my name used to be. It starts with the letter K _ _ _

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