Teaching Sit

Get Started

  • Have a few yummy dog treats in your pocket or in a dish.
  • Take your dog to a quiet safe place.
  • A corner of a room is a good place.
  • Dogs like to have a rug or soft towel to sit on. Get one if you can.
  • If your dog isn’t looking at you, give him one or two treats to get his attention.
  • Tell your dog to “Sit,” holding a treat a little higher than his nose.
  • His head will go up and, most likely, he will sit.
  • When he sits,  give him a treat, saying, “Good, sit,” or “Yes.”
  • You’ll want to give his treat reward quickly, within one or two seconds. This helps your dog know he has done the thing you wanted.
  • Say the same word every time your dog does what you asked him to do.
  • Practice, “Sit,” everyday from five to ten times.
  • Always stop training if your dog gets tired or bored.
  • And keep playing, “Sit.” Like us, dogs need reminders, games and rewards.
  • It takes patience to be a dog leader.

Keep Your Dog Guessing

  • After you are sure, he knows the word, “Sit,” give him a treat for his first, “Sit.” Let him stand or walk with you then say, “Sit.” This second time, just praise him with, “Good dog.” or “I like that.” Keep switching from treat reward to just praise. After this is going well, then try only giving treats every few, “Sit,” commands. Try and surprise your dog. Keep him guessing when he will get a treat but always praise when he does what you ask him to do.
  • Soon, you can add new behaviors, when your dog shows you he can sit for a minute.

Once your dog knows “Sit,” you can teach him other games and behaviors like

Dogs Will Work For Love

stay, down, shake, high-five and games like Find It or Hide and Seek.

But don’t make your dog wear a hat. Most dogs don’t like hats. They would much rather have more tasty treats.

And yes, Sydney does think everyday is his birthday.

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