Dog Leaders Play

For Kids and Dog Lovers

Dogs at playDogs, like people, like different ways to play. Some dogs love to wrestle, some to walk or run,  and some dogs like to chase balls, make toys squeak or tug on a rope. The best way to get to know a new dog, like this one just adopted from an animal shelter, is to try new things together.

This dog’s name is Marshall. He is an active young dog. His dog parent happily walked him all through his new neighborhood. When Marshall’s mom stopped to chat, he kept swishing his tail, frisking, and padding about, showing with his whole body, “Let’s play. Let’s go. More play.”

Dogs show us everyday what they like. Some dogs love to walk, others just have to run for hours, others enjoy swimming. Some dogs don’t like getting wet.

Dog Leaders watch and learn from dogs. And from watching, leaders learn to work with all sorts of dogs. Dogs love to show people new ways to play.

You can be a Dog Leader.

All you have to do is watch and play.

9 thoughts on “Dog Leaders Play

  1. Deborah,
    Wow. Your blog is trez cool! Congratulations on getting it done. Looking forward to checking in on it. Mine has to do with “the difference between the east coast/west coast attitudes” since I spent just about half my life living in each. But need to write more about it. Your topic is up my alley. During our marriage, I have always had a dog- once three of them together. I just need a dog-to live. Sweet photos, and neat thoughts.


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