A Dog’s Favorite Word Is His Name

Teach Your Dog His Name

Just like you, your dog needs to know his name. Always say your dog’s name in a cheerful way. Tell him what a terrific dog he or she is. Dogs listen to our tone of voice and also to our words. Some dogs recognize hundreds of words.

One dog, named Chaser, knows over a thousand words! Yes,  there is scientific research about this Border Collie. Over three-years, this dog learned the names of more than 1,000 objects. Names for stuffed toys, Frisbees or balls. He even learned, “Toy,” and “Not toy.”

Here are some tips to help a dog learn his name.

  • In a quiet room, go relax with your dog.
  • When he is sitting or resting say your dog’s name.
  • If he turns to look at you, give him a treat and repeat his name.
  • Let him forget about you for a minute or two then repeat his name and treat.
  • If he shows he likes this game, try the next steps.
  • Hold you hand flat with fingers together and say, “Wait.”
  • Take a few steps away.
  • If your dog waits, then toss him a treat.
  • Let him forget about the treats for a few minutes and walk around or play chase with you.
  • Next, call your dog’s name, saying, “Max, come.” But use your dog’s name.
  • When he comes to you, give him the treat and say, “Good dog.”
  • You need to praise and reward so that he knows he did the right thing.
  • Keep using his name in a friendly way.
  • Always say his name before calling him. This gets his attention.
  • Say his name before each direction you give your dog. Like, “Max, sit.”
  • Next quickly, reward with a small treat.
  • You will know the moment your dog recognizes his name because he will turn to look at you when you say it.
  • A few days after you are sure he knows his name, just give him a treat every other time you call and he comes.
  • Your dog will have to guess if you are going to give him a treat.

Beginning Hide-and-Seek

  • Make a sign with your hand flat like a stop sign, when you say, “Max, wait.”
  • See if your dog will wait while you walk into another room.
  • Then call his name and add the word, “…come.”
  • The fun part is, he won’t know where you are. He will have to hunt for you. Dogs love adventure.
  • Have him wait for longer bits of time.
  • Once he has learned to wait and to come, reward every two times he does.
  • Soon, only give a few treat rewards.
  • If you do this, he will be surprised when you give him a treat.
  • Always praise, each time he comes, saying, “Good, Max.”
  • Or you can say, “Yes.” or “Good dog.”
  • Whatever word you use for doing a good job, keep the praise word the same.
  • We all like praise.

Never call your dog when you are mad. Nobody likes to be yelled at.

Keep it interesting for your dog and, in a few weeks, he will be looking at you like you are the best person in his life. You will see him smile and give you loving looks. And he will expect to have fun every time he sees you. You may get a dog hug, greeting barks or many licks each time he sees you.

Dogs always tell the truth. When they trust and love you, you will know it.

And when you earn your dog’s trust, you have started to be a Dog Leader.

Read about Chaser, the 1,000- word dog at http://ow.ly/3WsFz

7 thoughts on “A Dog’s Favorite Word Is His Name

  1. I just want to mention I am all new to blogs and honestly liked you’re web-site. Very likely I’m want to bookmark your site . You definitely have great stories. Bless you for sharing with us your website.


  2. It’s been many years, but my dog Blacky was so smart. Don’t I just sound like every dog owner! Blacky knew many words. The funniest was “bath” because when she heard that word she’d start smiling, showing all her teeth, a nervous reaction I’m sure, but very sweet.


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