Friendship? What Matters to Dogs?

What makes friendships happy? With people and with dogs, it is hard to tell why. Why do some dogs like to be in each other’s company?

Big and small dogs can be the best of friends.

Walking along the Sacramento River near Anderson, California, I met two friendly people and their dogs. One dog parent said about her big black dog, “Nana is Chloe’s best friend.”

Chloe is a small, confident and calm dog. From the very first hello, Chloe made eye contact with me and was fine as I snapped a few photos.

Nana's Best Friend
Chloe, Nana's Best Friend

Although, Nana was a bit impatient to get back to walking, she displayed her good nature by posing for a few clicks of my camera. I wondered why these two dogs liked each other so much.

What do you think is important in dog friendships?

2 thoughts on “Friendship? What Matters to Dogs?

  1. Hi Deborah,
    The question haunted Jesse and me as we lingered at our favorite bush–the local newsstand, a place to rest and determine who’s been by lately. That’s Petey, the Bull Terrier, he’s friendly and smart. And Patty, the Poodle, I love the way her perfume lingers. And Butch the Chihuahua–I’m afraid of him–he’s nippy.

    As Jesse checked the dog statistics, I thought about a recent friendship gone awry. What would I do without this person in my life? Is any argument worth losing love? I think not. I’ll give a sniff and a wag and all will be good again in our world.

    We felt so much better after our walk, that we shared your question and link on Jesse’s Tale.

    Thank you,
    Elaine and Jesse


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