Double Mutt Monday

A Collie mix and an Afghan Hound from Big Dog Rescue in Penngrove, California.

Collie mix ready to play.

Cheryl, a 60-pound, female Collie mix, is three years old.  Spayed, well-mannered, and calm, Cheryl plays great with other dogs. Affectionate, intelligent, eager to please, Cheryl loves toys.

Omar needs a family experienced with Afghan hounds. Big Dog Rescue waited several months for him to arrive from Taiwan. Omar lived in a shelter for his first 3 years with nearly 1,000 dogs. This friendly dog will need training on how to live with a family.

Big Dog Rescue in Northern California

Both of these big dogs require yards with a six-foot fence. Families that love to go for walks, please inquire about these dogs’ adoption status by calling Big Dog Rescue (707)665-0332 or find them on Petfinder and at Big Dog Rescue’s website

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