Terrier Puppy Mutt Monday

Can you adopt Chloe?

“This three-month-old puppy weighed 7.8 lbs on 6/21/11. Chloe, a terrier mix, came into the Yolo county shelter as a stray before her owner was identified. Then the owner was found to be incarcerated and the puppy was released to the shelter.”

Chloe fun

“Chloe has received 2 DHPP boosters, a heartgard heartworm preventative and has been microchipped. She has not been spayed yet. Chloe is a playful, energetic girl, SO full of life! Won’t you consider meeting her?” Wonder Dog Rescue

She waits at Wonder Dog Rescue in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Chloe 0

Fetch Chloe at

Wonder Dog Rescue http://www.wonderdogrescue.org/

6 thoughts on “Terrier Puppy Mutt Monday

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