Terrier Mix Mutt Monday

Fox is a one cute little guy!

This Cairn Terrier mix is about 2 years old and about 14.3 lbs. Fox needs a forever home, ideally a family with kids over 12 years of age and no other dogs.

D Fox2

Fox is ready to jump and play and learn all kinds of new and wonderful things that will make him be the perfect pet. Getting Fox signed up in a Small Dog Class here at Sonoma Humane is the first step to having a well-behaved pet. Fox should be the only dog in the house. Fox will actively guard (growl and lunge) food, toys, and possibly his people from another dog. Care should be taken to not leave any toys, food, or chewies (bones, rawhides etc.) around while another dog is present. Fox may be able to adjust to a small dog if done carefully. He is not comfortable with some handling and may growl to tell you to back off. He showed no interest in cats when passing by cat cages.

Fetch Fox at the Sonoma County Humane Society. His number is ID: 12404.


Fox 8 8 11

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