Mutt Monday Fetch Video

This Chihuahua named Seymore loves to fetch, he waits in San Francisco for you to take him home.


Seymore is a sweet and playful little guy though he can get a little timid and sensitive in new settings.  He loves toys and likes playing tug.  He’ll do well with chihuahua savvy adopters who will let him get use to new stuff at a pace he can handle.  Attending reward based small dog or shy dog classes will be a great way for him to build confidence, bond with his adopters and learn new skills.  There should be no kids in Seymore’s new home.




Fetch Seymore ID: A303963 at

City and County of San Francisco Animal Control and Care

Please call the San Francisco SPCA at (415) 554-3000 for more information. Age: 3 year oldSex: Male NeuteredBreed: ChihuahuaDate Posted: 8/31/11

Watch Seymore fetch on YouTube.

Seymore in hand

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