Buckle Up Fido, Snoopy and Spot

  • Do you like to take your dog with you? I hope you do.
  • Do you snap your pet into a seatbelt?
  • You wouldn’t drive without your seatbelt, would you?
  • Parents and grandparents buckle up children for every ride.

So why don’t people buckle up their pets?

  • Do they know they can?
  • Do they know the dangers to dogs riding without seatbelts?
  • Do they ever think their dog might die from a trip to the market?

Studies of drivers who take pets along show very few protect their pet with a safety device. Nearly 9 out of 10 drivers don’t buckle up their pets by AAA Arizona Special to AFN, July 25, 2011

White  Black Dogs in a car

Everybody Should Buckle Up

  1. Everyday pets fall or jump from car windows.
  2. Pets distract drivers from watching traffic, causing crashes.
  3. Pets slide under drivers’ feet preventing braking and stopping.
  4. In a crash, a dog becomes a rocketing danger to himself and others.
  5. Loose dogs pose danger to first responders rescuing people inside vehicles.
  6. Dogs may survive a crash only to be killed, running away in traffic.

Distracted Drivers Hit Pedestrians, Bicyclists, And Other Vehicles

For drivers, frisky dogs are as distracting as texting Boston Global Staff August 18, 2010
“Of dog owners surveyed, 31 percent admitted to being distracted by their dog while driving, and 59 percent said they have participated in at least one distracting behavior while driving with their dog….”

“Restraining your pet when driving can not only help protect your pet, but you and other passengers in your vehicle as well,” Lloyd P. Albert, AAA Southern New England senior vice president of public and government affairs, said in a statement. “An unrestrained 10-pound dog in a crash at 50 mph will exert roughly 500 pounds of pressure, while an unrestrained 80-pound dog in a crash at only 30 mph will exert 2,400 pounds of pressure.”

Dogs flee auto crashes in terror, escaping temporarily, only to bet run down by other vehicles. These deaths are avoidable by using a car safe crate or seatbelt harness. Dogs depend on us for their lives, for their safety and for all of their basic needs. Dogs deserve the same safety care we provide our children and ourselves.

The Dog Whisperer  agrees people need to buckle up their dogs. As Buckle Up! Cesar’s Way magazine’s October 2011 issue says, “It’s not just for your dog’s safety…but yours, [sic] too.” Bark Buckle Up

A dog’s best chance of surviving a fender bender or a full on crash is inside a car-safety crate solidly affixed to the auto. And for medium to big dogs, special harnesses exist designed for buckling into seatbelts. Affordable solutions exist for every size of dog.

Where To Find Travel Safety Dog Stuff

Hunter K9 Gear sells a Ride Right Car Harness for dogs

Easy Tips To Help Fido Like His Seatbelt

Teaching dogs to ride safely takes a little time. But compared to recovery from injury or the death of a pet, most people would choose to buckle up their dog. A good tip for helping a dog get comfortable wearing a travel harness is to have the dogs sniff the harness. Offer the dog praise and a treat for wearing the car safety harness around the house. Once the dog shows comfort in the harness, take him to your car and let him sit inside. After this is no problem for the dog, buckle the harness into the seatbelt and go for a short ride.

Buckle up Fido, Snoopy, and Spot because safety counts every time dogs ride in cars.

How do you protect your dog while you are driving?

Please send a photograph of your dog wearing a seatbelt. I promise to publish it.

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