Be Patient With A Newly Adopted Dog

Solid, common sense advice on helping a adopted dog relax in a new home. Give your newly-adopted dog time.

Amy says, “Tell her she is brave…and be patient.”

Amy Shojai's Blog

Last week I shared a blog on Adopting Other-Abled Pets  prompted by the amazing initiative on adopting less adoptable pets.

That blog received lots of feedback, and this past Monday the blog shared tips about how to help blind puppies. After all, blind pets rarely consider themselves “disabled” and still become wonderful companions.

Do you share your home with a “less adoptable” pet? How did you find each other? Has living with an “other-abled” pet affected your life in positive ways? I encouraged folks to  share pictures and stories and today you’ll find some of them in the blog! I gotta admit, y’all made my day-week-YEAR with these heartwarming experiences. After reading them, check out the ASK AMY VIDEO at the bottom of the post for some tips about adoptions and shy dogs.


Our older animals deserve all the love and attention in the world…

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