Mutt Monday, Maybe

With so many dogs yet so few homes, what can we do?

I think we can help save more dogs’ lives by doing some of the following:

  • Volunteer for a local rescue group or animal shelter.
  • Advocate for dog rescue and adoption.
  • Donate to humane causes.
  • Do foster care for a dog.

If you are not ready to become a fully committed, longterm dog parent for the life of a dog, foster care offers a wonderful option. Open your heart and home as a foster care parent. Animal shelters need foster care homes. Living in a shelter kennel puts tons of stress on dogs. Dog rescue groups need more homes also.

Today, my web connections are on and off, so instead of a dog adoption profile, I post this appeal. Plus a photo of a dog I met on this morning’s walk.

What a quiet dog! Intent on looking at my dog, Sydney, this dog surprised me by never barking, no, not even once.

Blue Heeler curious

If you are considering a purebred rescue, but are not sure what breed you can parent for the life of a dog, foster care provides one-on-one dog to person relationship. Opening your home for foster care, gives you a dog to love, while getting acquainted with the typical needs of a breed. Nearly all breeds have rescue groups working overtime. Many breeds have web sites for information on fostering, rescuing, monetary gifts and adoption.

In the future, I hope to provide foster care for a dog or two. And one breed interests me, due to potential decline in my ability to provide long walks.

I have met a Basset Hound called “Daisy” that I adored. She visited my daughter’s grammar school. On event days, Daisy seemed happy and exceptionally easy-going. Despite the breed’s sad expressions, I felt Daisy would brighten my days, but Daisy had a devoted dog mama. And in those days, I took long walks with my dogs. A Basset Hound wouldn’t have fit with my family’s activity level back then.

Fetch Basset Hound Rescue foster page

What have you done to help save dogs’ lives?

Tell us about what you are doing.


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