Does Your Dog Trip You Up?

This young dog, Finn, shone like the best of our best friends. Finn gave us friendly  smiles, and relaxed tail wags. He did not bark when we stopped to talk to his person. And Finn happily greeted us after we’d said hello to his dad, then asked to say hello to Finn.

Yes, it is best to always ask a dog’s parent before petting any dog, then stand and let the dog walk to you.

Safety first!

Finn sat

He sat beautifully before saying hello.

We learned Finn and his parent had just met. And his parent cheerfully shared their adoption story. We could tell they were new to each other. And you can too by these photos. Finn, being a young dog, clearly showed a willingness to please, but lacked understanding of how to manage on a leash.

While we praised Finn and snapped photographs, his new parent got wound up.

Begining of a tumble

None of us are born on a leash.

Neither are dogs.

Tied up by leash

The longer the leash, the harder the fall?

All zip style and retractable leashes come with a list of dangers. Packaging on these devices details the possible accidents, which happen with zip leashes.

But the simple six or nine foot leashes, do new dog parents have a clue?

Luckily, Finn’s new daddy didn’t fall.

Don’t let your dog wind you up! Teach him or her to walk on a leash and how to unwind.

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