Hound Mix Mutt Monday

Muttville senior dog rescue


Harley 2October 3, 2011

BREED Hound mix
SIZE Large

Harley is a 12 year-old. At 85 pounds, this male mystery mix (he looks most similar to a Rafeiro Do Alentejo and Chien Francais) could be a Hound with some Pointer. His owner was hospitalized and  now lives in a rest home and will never return home.

Lake Co. Animal Control found Harley tied to his dog house in his back yard.

This mellow dog is very easy-going, and is happy lounging around relaxing with you. He recently went through heartworm treatment, which takes a lot out of a senior dog, so we haven’t seen him extremely animated so far. He does like to check out all the new smells in his new environments, though. He’s eager to please, and was house-trained in a couple days

He gets along just fine with dogs and cats, and came into the shelter with Zuce, but lets them know when he doesn’t want to be pestered. With people, simply saying his name and a few nice words will get his tail wagging. He’s also a “leaner”—start petting him and he’ll lean against you for affection.

Harley 2 (aka 1107)

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4 thoughts on “Hound Mix Mutt Monday

  1. Your writing about dogs is quite usefull I think in a society where owning a dog is more a question of social ‘prestige’. A little bit in the genre: my dog is the most dangerous of these area. I think of the actual expansion of the race of pitbulls now. I wanted to take part in the Nanowrimmo for the first time of my life, but it starts at the support forum. Internet is full of broken links. Maybe another day. I can’t add my comment at the frontpage, that ‘s why i clicked on the first the best link there…YOUR blog.
    I really wish you a successfull nanowrimmo 2011!


    1. Thanks for writing a note. Yes, dogs are not status symbols. Dogs keep us in the moment. And like toddlers, they want our complete attention, fresh air walks and new smells.

      Sorry about your Internet troubles, we’ve had them too. Keep trying the National Novel Writing Month web site. They are most likely fixing it. In a few days we can both sign up for NaNoWriMo.


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