Doggie Down Jacket: Photo Friday

Fashion news?

No, I’m not up on it.  But this dog looks cool, stylish and warm.  If you have a dog that shakes from cold weather, this is a good idea. And I’d never seen a down jacket on a dog before, so I had to take his picture.

Black  tan jacket dtf

6 thoughts on “Doggie Down Jacket: Photo Friday

  1. Hey Dogleadermysteries,
    I just stumbled across this and, I have a 12 months previous min pin and when I to start with received him I acquired him a very little doggie jacket (he was a pup and it was winter season, additionally I considered it was adorable). He rarely had any situations sporting it. Now it’s that time again and I’ve been putting the jacket on him each and every at the time in a even when when it really is about 30 outdoors and probably 50 inside of. I know min pins are delicate to the cold, but how chilly is chilly to a pet? He will not shiver or nearly anything and he is strictly indoors (other than for walks of training course).

    Also, I am relocating to a area with a lawn and a doggy door, may want to I shut the doggy door through night time for the duration of the chilly nights so he would not go outside the house or will he know for himself that he must remain in?

    Thank you!
    Good Job!


    1. Hi, thanks for your question. Not being an official dog expert, I suggest observing your dog outside at your new home. See if he loves the cold, or takes only short walks and returns quickly. If he shows you he is uncomfortable outside in winter, do keep the dog door closed at night. Know that dogs’ paws may suffer injury from extreme heat or cold.

      Dog and cat doors allow other animals to enter your home like the raccoon a neighbor found her Dachshund trying to shoo out of her kitchen one midnight. You don’t want your dog fighting a creature who can do him harm.

      Best of luck on your move, Deborah


  2. ah! it just loaded, and it’s glamorous! gwendolyn will be sporting her down feather parka in the foreseeable future because it’s getting cold quickly in pittsburgh! thank you for sharing this photograph!


      1. thank you for checking out gwendolyn’s ‘paws for the cure’ adventure! it was such a rainy, miserable day . . . but the dogs were so happy to be present! dogs are amazing! 🙂 xx


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