Homeless Hound: Mutt Monday

“Corbin, an adult Labrador Retriever, is energetic and affectionate. He loves people and plays well with other dogs. Corbin enjoys water. He also loves playing fetch. He has done well with training and is recommend for further training.”

“Corbin is somewhat cautious with people until he builds trust. He will do best in a home with no children. Multiple visits will be necessary for this special dog. We want a home for Corbin where he will have space to run and exercise. This dog has some special requirements but is worth every bit of it in the end.”

Homeless Hounds (Big Dog Rescue) is a non-profit, no-kill, 501-c tax exempt rescue which finds homes for dogs of all sizes. We have a separate building where potential adopters may visit, volunteers can have a tea break, and dogs can learn proper house manners. We only have 10 dogs at any one time, so we can spend quality time with each dog.

The only time our dogs are in their kennels is when they are eating, sleeping, or if the weather is bad, otherwise they are out in the yards playing with all their friends. In the yards they have grass to lay on, rocks to play on, dirt to dig in, and shade to rest in.

Please visit us online at www.homelesshounds.us or phone us at 707-665-0332. If you have any questions regarding the shelter itself and it’s policies, or general questions, please e-mail info@homelesshounds.us. If you have questions regarding a specific dog, or wish to inquire about adopting or fostering with us, please e-mail adopt@homelesshounds.us. If you are interested in volunteering with Big Dog Rescue/Homeless Hounds, please e-mail volunteer@homelesshounds.us

We ask potential adopters to complete an adoption application so we can determine if the dog will be a suitable match. Applications are available for download from our web site (http://www.homelesshounds.us/). All family members must meet and agree on the dog. Once the form has been submitted, a board reviews the application, to confirm that the dog is a good match. After that a home inspection is given, to check for poisonous plants, holes in the fence, etc. If everything is in order, then the adopter will foster the dog for two weeks, as the final step in ensuring that dog and human get along well. Once the foster period is completed then the dog is officially adopted (some paperwork will have to be filled out and we request a donation to help save more dogs).  If at any time, for any reason, the adopter is going to give up the dog, the dog MUST be returned to Homeless Hounds (Big Dog Rescue.)
We serve Sonoma Count and surroundaing areas.

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