Does Your Dog Know Spanish?

Dogs may not be able to speak Spanish, yet they wait with ever-hopeful spirits.

My understanding of the word for waiting, esperanza is that this Spanish word carries at least two meanings. Esperanza conveys both, “I am waiting” and “I am hoping.” Dogs have much to teach us about hope.

Every dog lover knows dogs are always ready for more. More food, more fun and more new adventures. They look up when we stand, hoping for a walk. They follow us to the door looking forward to a car ride with us.

Dogs want to go when we leave on a bicycle. They long to run beside us or ride in a basket.

Water bark dogs

And when we go into the kitchen, they dog us from refrigerator to cabinet, often pointing their muzzles to catch any morsel we drop or choose to toss their way. Around mealtime, they pace underfoot showing both hunger and anticipation.

My own mutt, a fourteen-pound, mix of Poodle and Crocker Spaniel, puts himself between any door and me. He just wants to be sure I’ll invite him go with me. To bad for him, I cannot always bring him everywhere I go.

And he makes a fool of himself each him I put on his leash or car seat harness as if it were the first time and he cannot contain his joy. He shows me when he needs to play by seizing a fluffy squeaky toy then racing through the house, trying to start a game of chase.  He waits for me to pounce on the toy, seize it and give it a toss or start a game of tug.

I usually let him win. After all, he has to live in a house and not roam the streets, chasing cats and other dogs. We have a leash law in town. So Sydney gets to win at somethings. Dogs have a sense of fairness, so I want him to have a say in the things he can safely choose to do. There are many things he cannot do and we have house rules for polite behavior too. So I think it is only fair that he win most of his favorite games.

When I settle down to work at my desk, he naps but is instantly alert when I standup. Sydney bounds off the bed to show he is ready to go anywhere with me.
As most people know, dogs are social animals. Dogs hate to be alone, yet most dogs are left home alone, and often for long hours of boredom. Not given a choice or a voice in the affairs of their human family members, dogs live in a constant state of anxiety and hope.

The loneliness they suffer is not translated into any human language as they lay waiting, they hope for our return.

Social small dogs

Dogs At Water Bark – A Doggie Water Day At Spring Lake Park

Dogs seem to think in Spanish because they are always hoping and waiting. And when they get to play, dogs show glee, friendly faces and wealth of soul. If you don’t believe me just ask one of their people. Or look at these photos of happy dogs.

Over and over dogs know the meaning of waiting and hoping. What does your dog hope for?

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