Keeping Your Dog Safe on Halloween

Save your dog’s life and keep your dog healthy by reading The Iowa Dog Trust blog. I placed the link at the bottom of this post. I subscribe to email updates from Iowa Dog Trust and have enjoyed ever single post from them. I am picky when it comes to what blogs I follow. No one gets a free pass from me.

The Iowa Dog Trust Helping Dog’s and the Humans that Love Them has a great mission. I am thinking of making this nonprofit my canine charity of choice. I want to do this for myself and this Dog Leader Mysteries blog.

How to set up a donation system on WordPress is beyond what I am able to do today because I am with family in a hospital waiting room.

Reading this post I am sharing, I learned something new from Iowa Dog Trust. I have quoted it below.

“Doorbell anxiety is a very common issue among dogs. Almost every dog will bark and become agitated when it hears the doorbell or someone knocking at the door.”

Iowa Dog Trust

Doorbell anxiety?

I had never heard of that. Although I have, on the advice of an excellent dog trainer, conditioned my dog by ringing our doorbell each time I came home. I would ring the bell, unlock the door and call, “Sydney, I’m home.”

“You wouldn’t like it if every time that bell rang somebody weird came to the door,” said Charlie Reinhart, a trainer at Unleashed in Petaluma, California. Charlie must know my neighborhood. Whenever our doorbell rings, it turns out to be somebody I don’t know.

And if I don’t know them, neither does my dog.

Readers of Sydney’s Spot on this blog may remember that Sid picked his own job title. At fourteen pounds of curly-haired poodle mix, Sid’s choice of guard dog seems odd. But he always had his own ideas about what to do. And he does a SCARY big-dog impression along with Punk Rocker rock star vocals.

If you are reading this blog for the first time, Sydney earned a nickname at Petaluma Animal Shelter. They called him Sid Vicious. He bit and chewed on the fingers of both volunteer and shelter staff. Dogs have a sense of fairness so Sydney bit veterinarians and groomers too. And yes, later after we adopted him, he bit us too…but that’s another story.

Back to Halloween. We learned early from other dogs to not let dogs answer the door.

Read Iowa Dog Trust Keeping Your Dog Safe on Halloween and keep your dog inside, away from trick-or-treat visitors.

Please leave a comment to connect with me.

My doorbell is broken.

Just in time for Halloween!

5 thoughts on “Keeping Your Dog Safe on Halloween

  1. WOW, thanks for the kind praise! It warms my heart to know that people really DO care about what I’m trying to do. I feel very strongly that we need to educate the average dog owner and make them more aware of the issues.

    With all of the dog trainers that we now see on TV, and the wide range of Training Philosophies they use it’s very easy to confuse our dogs. I feel that it is critically important for people to understand dog training from the dog’s point of view. Unless we bond with them and communicate with them, we are simply training a response. The goal should be a relationship, not a dictatorship.

    Please feel free to offer any comments and suggestions. They will only make our project better!

    Again, Thank you Very Much for your support!


    1. Great to connect with you. Yes, I think many TV dog trainers muddle up the issues by working with atypical dogs and extremely clueless families. I agree it is about relationship not dictatorship. This is why my first post on teaching tips was “Dog Leaders Play.”

      When you have a “book” or make one from your blog, let me know so I can read it and write a review.

      I want to make life better for dogs and dog lovers.
      Dog adoption isn’t done when people take a dog home. Thousands of dogs are returned. New dog parents need help understanding their dog and setting up a dog friendly home.

      Exercise, creating safety and a strong relationship with each dog top my list for nurturing a successful lifetime with our four-legged friends.


  2. thank you for a great blog recommendation! i just commented on their page, but i shall copy and paste that comment to yours, too!

    “i linked to this entry from ‘dog leader mysteries,’ and i’m so happy to have found you! i blog about my puggle gwendolyn’s adventures, halloween being one of them on monday! i’m grateful for your counsel, and i look forward to having a happy and healthy halloween with my precious little poochie! 🙂 xxx”


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