Before Taking Your New Dog To A Vet

“Before going to the vet’s office, it’s important that you hold your dog and touch him in the same ways the doctor will….”

Cesar Millan, Cesar’s Way.

This preparation for a health check up can save you and your dog much grief. I may not agree with all Cesar Millan says or writes about how to treat dogs, but I’m all in when it comes to normalizing medical visits for dogs.

Look in your dog’s mouth, brush his teeth, look in his ears, do this very gently and slowly, one thing at a time.

Take breaks and feed him his favorite food as part of this process. Your dog will learn to take vet visits in stride.

In fact, I suggest you regular walk your dog into the vet office, give him a treat and tell him how great he is.

Soon, your dog will learn that it is a good thing to go visit his vet.

5 thoughts on “Before Taking Your New Dog To A Vet

  1. With my wheaten terrier, it helped to do all the things you mentioned, starting from when he was a puppy. I didn’t do this with my last dog (yellow lab) and she certainly had a harder time at the vet. Farley (wheaten) doesn’t like being at the vet, but he is calm and controllable.


  2. it’s amazing at how smart my gwendolyn is regarding her medical care.
    she approaches our regular veterinary hospital with happiness!
    but her “emergency care” hospital? that’s another story entirely! gwendolyn lost her eye, almost two years ago. needless to say, we spent long hours at the emergency room. they restored the eye, and she earned back 80 percent of her vision (which i attribute to her raw food diet and careful recovery). and then she had a canthoplasty (plastic surgery), ensuring that her eye muscles were tightened to avoid future eye dislocations. when we drive anywhere near that emergency hospital, she begins to freak out, in the automobile! her intelligence is amazing.
    but yes, i agree, making the dog comfy with all items that you mentioned before taking them to the vet is very important. (and i think, other than this agreement, that cesar millan would hate me for treating my dog like i do). 🙂 haha! x


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