Labrador Shepherd Mix: Mutt Monday

Meet Charlie, an easy-going guy and well-mannered guy.A loving boy with medium energy, Charlie is happy just to be with you. He enjoys short runs beside a bike for fun.

Lab Mix Çharlie
Labrador Retriever/Shepherd Mix in Boonville, CA

Post November 21, 2011

Charlie trained two weeks with a dog trainer in a home environment with her dogs and completed a two-week basic training. He is crate trained.  Charlie would prefer to be the only dog although he can socialize with others that are not dominant.  He has been good with our indoor cat, but a home without would do best.  Charlie would be happy in an adult home or with respectful children over twelve years old. He is content for you to throw the ball a few times for him and then he will tell you he is done by going to his blanket and keeping the ball. He has no nuisance behaviors.

Contact:   Karen Johansen 707 570-7530
For more information on this dog (or any of our dogs) please call:  707 467 9262or email

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