Don’t Forget Us: Mutt Monday

This Mutt Monday offers you the pick of the litter from Lancaster Shelter. Each dog lives on Death Row in the Lancaster Animal Shelter, California.

Adorable dogs wait, hoping for a kind person to come and take them home. Thousands of pets lose their lives due to kill shelters, and a ticking clock. I have heard that a pet may only have four days to live once it arrives at a kill shelter.

A Facebook friend, Kim Morse Way, shared photos of dozens of dogs on death row. Please Don’t Forget Us…Available dogs at Lancaster Shelter. This morning on December 5, 2011 Lancaster Shelter Web site listed 433 dogs available for adoption.

Four hundred and thirty-three dogs all waiting for homes?

How did this happen?

Think, how many dogs are on Death Row in the state of California today. Each dog wonders when a person will open his or her kennel door, leading to life with a family. None of these dogs did anything wrong. Not one criminal mind among them, I am sure of that. Nearly all of the worlds’ dogs need to live with people. They are born to be a member of a human family.

Each has dog has a life story. This first guy is a real heart-throb. Handsome and healthy, he looks ready to go. His bags are packed. All he needs is a family, a toothbrush and some dog food.

Landcaster Death Row Dog

Help, I don’t know my name. I don’t know where I live. Come and get me quick. 

Hundreds of pets are abandoned all over California. People leave them outside animal shelters, in parking lots, on country roads and chained to fences or to posts.

In my experience, the larger area a shelter must cover, the more likely that pets go to death row before rescue groups can get them out. I learned this while searching for a dog to adopt. I found a dog on Sacramento Animal Care and Regulation Web site, which takes in pets from both the city and the county. Check out my post Want A Dog? Go Local about how someone adopted a little black miniature poodle.

This little poodle in Sacramento went straight to death row for being a puppy!

This poodle puppy had a happily ever after story, due to an amazing rescue guy who fetched her off death row and got her a home in less than 24 hours. Often in the Sacramento Animal Control Shelter, ten dogs survive locked in one kennel. Puppies, purebreds, and loveable mutts suffer together.

When any shelter takes in two hundred or more animals a day, the pets go quickly to death row. And often these pets end up being destroyed without rescue groups getting called in to take the animals to pet sanctuaries. Animal lovers and advocates watch these high kill shelters, but even they cannot rescue every healthy dog or cat.

Look at these sweet little lap-dogs. They come ready to give love, keep some lucky person company and entertain his or her new family.

4 Little Dogs

We love you already. All of us guys and girls love to socialize and play.

Hundreds of volunteers all over California visit high kill shelters. The rescue individuals and groups make every effort to find instant homes, foster care or temporary rescue sites to keep these pets alive until families can be found. Untold heroics happen every day. Volunteers drive hundreds of miles to transport pets to safety.

Rescue groups save dogs’ lives.

To volunteer or help with dog rescue go to Facebook for Animal Rescue and Adoption Assistance – California

Please share these dogs with friends.

Let’s get each of them a home.

5 thoughts on “Don’t Forget Us: Mutt Monday

  1. It’s so sad to think of all of these animals who are so close to a needless death. I wish I could save them all! Thanks for sharing their story and hopefully encouraging someone to adopt one of these precious dogs!


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