A Holiday Home? Dancer and Prancer: Mutt Monday

On December 13th, Dancer and Prancer arrived at Wonder Dog Rescue in San Francisco, California. Two gentle pups looking for a home at Christmas time. Rescue workers rate these two as super sweet.

A foster care home to start would be best. Housed together, both dogs will be happy.

Dancer ready for his close up.

About eight months old, Dancer and Prancer come from a terrier breed mix that gives them great personalities. Each weighs about ten pounds. They have been perfectly gentle with children, even toddlers.

Contact by visiting Wonder Dog Rescue Web site or email
Wonder Dog Rescue pulls dogs from kill shelters, takes in blind, deaf and older dogs. All are given tender loving care. This rescue also provides hospice care to special needs and to senior dogs.

Prancer ready for a nap.

This network of busy volunteers drives dogs to safety and to medical visits. They select foster care and adoptive homes. Volunteers take dogs from shelters as far south as Los Angeles then all the way to the Canadian border.

Wonder Dog Rescue, 650 Fillmore, SF 94117 Phone: 415.621.DOGS

Please share these wonderful puppies.

Help get them a home for the holidays.

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