Pets Lifeline: Mutt Monday

Barney is a mystery mix, most likely Bassett Hound, Terrier, and American Pit Bull. This original dog makes people smile. Barney, a handsome dog, gives affection and enjoyment.

“Barney was found as a very skinny stray. For all the rough beginnings he’s had, he has quite a funny personality. At just under a year he’s still quite a puppy.”

Petslifeline Barney

“He loves to jump. And it is clear, he has no idea how strong and big he is. Volunteers at Pets Lifeline have been working with him on that. As a young guy he is still a bit mouthy, and we have been teaching him not to use his mouth. He is still very unsure of himself and his surroundings, so he will need a family who will have love, time, and patience to give him.”

PETS LIFELINE shelters, feeds and rehabilitates nearly 1,000 animals every year.
In 2010, 418 homeless animals were adopted into new, loving homes plus over 500 animals in the community were given microchip ID.

Look at their Web site because it truly is beautifully organized and interesting. Statistics for 2011 are not available at this time. I am sure they will post their numbers for 2011 soon.

Pets Lifeline Animal Shelter 

PO Box 341

Sonoma, CA



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