Check Out What Dogster Gave Me

Hey, Dogster gave me a badge for my birthday!

Yesterday couldn’t have been better. It was all about me, me, me. Road in a car with window open (seatbelt on, of course), snuffled dirt trails in Sonoma Valley Regional Park and ate part of a pastrami sandwich.

Who needs cake?

Not me.

Sniff up Dogster, a fun site for dogs and their people.

2 thoughts on “Check Out What Dogster Gave Me

  1. Hey Dogleadermysteries,
    Neat Post, I have a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and she weighs 24 pounds. Not overweight…but the vet said she is big for her breed but she is a purebred. She is 4 years old just to give some info.
    <—- That’s a picture of her, it’s a little old…she has a which i upload photos just about every week. If you email me i will give you her dogster page if you want to see updated pictures. Well, to get to my point…i’ve checked at Petco and all those stores but all of them sell really small dog clothes like for Yorkshire Terriers and for really small dogs…I don’t like to order online, please any stores that i can actually go to. Thanks!
    I’ll be back to read more next time


    1. Thanks Susan for your comment. I will be sure to connect with you, dog to dog on dogster. As for help finding sweaters and raincoats for your dog, I’ve had good luck for my Sydney (14 pounds) by calling local farm supply stores. Western Farm, in Santa Rosa, California, supplies top-quality dog food, health products, toys and dog clothes.


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