House Training Dogs Love

Dogs want to please us. That’s what they want.

Any dog new to you wants you to show him what you like.

After all, he shows you what he likes.

When your new dog looks at you, comes when you call or gets off the sofa when you say, “Off” you know you are on good terms. You know you both understand each other.

If you have difficulty with getting your dog’s attention, give him more of yours.

Sydney  Rabbit

Five Tips That Work Like A Charm

  1. Introduce your dog to limited areas in your home. Keep him close for the first few weeks.
  2. Treat him like a baby. Don’t let him be alone. Not at first. Keep him on a leash on your belt. Run him outside once ever hour telling him, “Go.” (Keep using the same word.)
  3. Crate train him. Toss his favorite treats and toys inside. Sit near the crate and praise every time he goes inside. Feed him meals inside his crate with the door open.
  4. Teach “Be Quick” or “Potty” by taking your dog on a leash to the same spot EVERY TIME. Guaranteed to save you headaches, messes and upset.
  5. Pay your dog each time he does what you want him to do. Yes, I mean good quality food, doggie chicken jerky, tiny bits of carrot, apple, etc. Make him love doing his business outside.

I know these may seem easy. But a surprising number of puppies and dogs find themselves dumped on animal shelters each year with the complaint that the dog goes potty in the house.

When we adopted Sydney from the Petaluma Animal Shelter, at the age of one, we had to house train him. We did exactly the five tips above with great success.

Sydney’s crate training took longer than three weeks. These days, we leave treats and favorite toys inside the crate with the door open. He often waltzes in to crunch up a snack, chew a toy or just to stretch out and rest.

For go fetch Crate Training Puppies “5 Tips To Crate Train Puppies” by Amy Shojai.

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