Your Power to Save Thousands of Pets’ Lives

By Deborah Taylor-French on February 2, 2012

Governor Jerry Brown wants to save money. If you live in California, you know state spending must be cut. The price of his latest cut will cost thousands of lives of lost, stray and owner surrender pets. He proposes repealing major parts of SB1785, a bill Tom Hayden authored.

“Proposal would allow earlier euthanizations.” Backlash on Brown’s shelter plan San Francisco Chronicle January 30, 2012. Reducing resources to shelters means an animal may be killed within one or two days of entering an animal shelter.
Without this funding, lost-and-found pets may be lost—forever.

How This Law Saves Animals’ Lives

Currently, the state of California pays shelters for the extra days of food, medicines and care a lost pet needs. This gives pet owners from five to seven days to be reunited with their dog or cat.

These extra days also give the pet viewing time for adopting families. Also animal rescue groups need these extra days to locate kill shelter pets, find foster care homes and put the animal up for adoption.

The Downside of Changing The Law

  • If this law passes, who will want to bring a pet into an animal shelter, knowing that pet will be killed in 72 hours and before the public could see the animal and begin an adoption?
  • If this law passes the chances of finding a lost cat or dog at your local animal shelter is greatly reduced. Most likely, all pet parents will find are a dead dog, cat or rabbit.
  • If this law passes, will pet owners who have had their pet euthanized, sue animal shelters?

4 Little Dogs

Will you help us?

Take action today to save little lives. Sign this petition, please.

If you live out of state, you still can help.

  • Contact friends who live in California and ask them to sign.
  • Call or write California animal welfare groups, dog, cat and rabbit rescue associations.
  • Speak up or call pet related businesses. They need to know they can help stop this.
  • Speak up for animal welfare.

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