A Clue for Finding Pet-Friendly Housing

Are you moving?

Having trouble finding housing that accepts pets?

My friend, Lisa moved three times in four years. She had two dogs, Snowball and Blizzard.

Blizzard and his mom, Snowball, loved garbage. Often they made a night of surfing household trash bins, while their humans were out. Trashing the house took on new meaning whenever I baby-sat those two.

They had a winning method. Wait for any time people go out, then hit the bins. If Blizzard and Snowball had a favorite sport, it was a treasure hunt for trash. They drag it everywhere. Those garbage-loving dogs worked at can surfing like surfers catching waves. And those dogs did it, rain or shine.

Soulful Blizzar
Blizzard's eyes shine a soulful earthy vibe.

Garbage or no garbage, my friend loves her dogs. She drove miles and miles interviewing new landlords to rent a house that would accept her dogs. She moved three times. And each and every time she took her dogs. It wasn’t easy. But she did it.

So if my friend, Lisa, can do it, you can too. Tell your friends, ask anyone you know and ask people you meet including librarians, teachers, grocery store workers and people at your house of worship.

Searching for rentals that take pets? I didn’t know of this national Web site that assists in finding pet-friendly housing Peta.org. If I had, I could have helped my friend.

Some of you know these sad facts.

A whopping 60% of all dogs in up in animal shelters plus over three million suffer euthanasia for lack of a home. The national USA number is 70% of all cats wind up homeless.

Surely we can do better. If you must move, please take your best friends with you.

Adopt. Don’t shop for a dog or cat.

2 thoughts on “A Clue for Finding Pet-Friendly Housing

  1. Applause!
    And if all else fails, I would lie and say I don’t have a pet and move in anyway. Of course, that only works if your dog doesn’t bark all the time:)


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