Pickles Mutt Monday and California Dog Rescuers

Take the pulse of California dog rescue or fetch solid information to care for your rescue dog. Check out this great resource Website Rescuers.com.

There you can find thousands of adoptable dogs in the state of California. You may search by county where a dog waits in an animal shelter, foster care or dog rescue. You may search by breed or breed mix. Of course, tons of lovable mutts will be listed too.

Some rescues specialize in small dogs, large dogs or pets with special needs.

If you find a stray dog, you can look up ways to help on Rescuers.com. Retrievers & Friends of Southern California sponsor this Website.


A great dog named Pickles.

B W Pickles face

Pickles waits in Sonoma County, a neutered male, black and white border collie mix. One-year-old, Pickles has strong herding instincts. He will shine in a home with children ages twelve and up. No cats.

For more information about this animal, call: Sonoma County Animal Care and Control at (707) 565-7100 Ask for information about animal ID number A274117.

Please let me know if you find a home for Pickles.

3 thoughts on “Pickles Mutt Monday and California Dog Rescuers

  1. Thank you for supplying the link to the rescue site; I’ve bookmarked it for use later. Just last November, I had to have my frail old pal Noah put to sleep; he was 17 and a half years old, having rescued him from an SPCA shelter at 10 months old. I’ve also had dogs, and cats, (and a goat or two) as friends and companions my whole life; in fact, one of our dogs taught me to walk, by letting me hold on to her fur as she moved slowly around the room. If I fell, she would lick my face and lie down next to me, until I was ready to go again….many good memories in my life from our canine friends. Any who, I hope to be traveling for a while in the near future, but will eventually settle down a bit, as I’m retired now. When I do, I will no doubt use this link to find a new friend, so I appreciate it a lot…. take care out there…..


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