Oodles, Poodles + Sammy the Dog: Mutt Monday

Oodles or doodles, any name you call them, breeders of poodle mix dogs demand high prices. Breeders claim their oodles won’t shed. They do not offer a guaranty. They do not promise their puppies will be healthy. Too bad poodle mix dogs enjoy such popularity because thousands of them land in animal shelters every year. Greed and ignorance make for tragic outcomes for dogs.

I know because I adopted our cocopoo, Sydney, from an animal shelter. Sydney had been waiting for three weeks. Not because no one wanted him either. Super cute, curly-haired with tons of personality, he made being wildly out of control a lifestyle. Shelter staff wanted an experienced dog parent for him. Fetch Sydney’s story here. Eight years ago, when I took him home, I had already raised and trained four other rescue dogs. Never had tried to train a poodle before nor a dog who hadn’t given up biting.

So this post is for all of Sydney’s brothers, sisters and distant cousins still looking for homes.

Post March 12, 2012 by Deborah Taylor-French

Sammy Cocopoo S CA

“Sammy, a cocopoo, treats all sweetly and gently. He loves to snuggle in a lap. Quiet and loving he is also playful, loves walks and car rides He needs a foster home. Can you help? He is good with dogs and cats.  Sammy looks about six or seven years old.”

  • Spayed/Neutered
  • House trained

Please share Sammy with friends and pet lovers. Let me know if you get him a home, please.

Sammy’s Contact Info

Second Chance Cocker Rescue, Santa Barbara, CA

For more information on the problems of unethical and inhumane poodle mix breeding visit Doodle Rescue Collective. If you want a oodle, please rescue one. Try this site that helps people find poodle mixes Poo-Mix Rescue.

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