My dog ate my Blog: Photo Friday

The expression “You lie like a dog” comes to mind.

Truly, I lie.

The truth? My dog, Sydney did not eat my blog. I can’t pin it on him, but Sydney could not deny it, either.

I did not eat it. Really!

My other writing, work on a new project and a final draft date took over my life. So blogging came last this week. But new ideas are slowly cooking themselves into longer posts. One faithful reader has requested a serious topic which I am chewing on. I began the topic last week with Long Distance Dog Mystery. Oddly, it was that same post, so personal and filled with reflection for me got ripped off, stolen and posted on at least four other blogs. What a weird experience to see my work with no links to my blog posted on sites that show no interest in animal welfare, dog rescue or adoption.

What are we stopping for?
But it just started to smell real stinky, don't stop now.

For less silly stuff than my Photo Friday, go fetch Wear Orange: Mutt Monday on Prevention of Cruelty to Animals month. If you are curious why my blog’s gone orange, you’ll find out by reading that.

Maybe I have Spring Fever? My Sydney has not complained about all the extra walks and sunny weather. Great days to go outside and sniff about, he seems to say with those deep-brown eyes of his.

Poppy Trail

Birds loudly chatter, twitter and sing on this glorious afternoon, reminding me it is doggone wonderful outside. So I am off to see what’s blooming.

Sydney doesn’t want to smell the flowers. No, he will glue his nose to the trails of wild turkey tracks, raccoon trails and the stink of rotting things.

No, April Fool, even little white poodle like dogs love dirt.

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