Dear Paris Hilton, Love from a Little Dog: Mutt Monday

Dear Paris Hilton,

Please help us. Thousands and thousands Chihuahua dogs wait in animal shelters. We live waiting to be taken home. We feel if you love dogs, you will help us.

Too many of us get tossed out like old purses. After a few weeks or months, people leave us at shelters. Others of us get dumped in strange and scary places.

We love people. We don’t know why they leave us. We work hard at pleasing our people.

  • We believe you can help us.
  • Too many of us end up homeless.
  • Too many of us wait in shelter kennels for people to take us home.

You can be a super hero for us little Chihuahua dogs.

Tell people “adopt, don’t shop.”

Save thousands of our puppies’ lives.


Your friend, Ernie

Enrie Chiuahua
Please help us little guys.

PS. You can show the world we are dogs not toys.

By the Way, Dogs prefer to walk, not to be toted in arms: Ask Dog Lady. 

 “Was it Paris Hilton, or someone else, who first made the Chihuahua a fashion statement? In any case, celebrities toting the tiny dogs helped make them an haute couture accessory. Now — like other fashions — they are moving to the next phase: overstock.”

By Kari Huus, msnbc.comYesterday’s fashion, today’s surplus: Chiuahuas

April 29, 2012 Posted by Deborah Taylor-French

Ernie, a 5 pound Chihuahua about 8 years old, loves to burrow in blankets to hunker down for naps. He’s very content to be in the company of people and other dogs. He perks up when a walk is offered to him, and charges forward with the best of ’em.” Peace of Mind Dog Rescue

If you would like to adopt or sponsor Ernie, please follow this link to his page at Peace of Mind Dog Rescue

P.O. Box 51554
Pacific Grove, CA 93950
Phone: (831) 718-9122

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