Washing the Dog

Okay. I am ready for my rinse now.

By Marc Hoffman

Dogs are perfectly content in dog-smell heaven.

Where water is for drinking or swimming, no soap added.

Who wants to live with a stinky dog?

Veterinarians now recommend bathing your dog weekly, with an appropriate shampoo.  This will not only keep your pooch pleasant to be around, but can minimize or eliminate skin problems.

Ready, set—let’s wash the dog. 

  1. Start with a thorough brushing to eliminate mats and tangling.  Once wet they are far more difficult to deal with and will likely have to be cut out. Now allow your brushed dog to relax while you gather your towels and dog-friendly shampoo and fill the tub.
  2. A bath mat placed in the tub can make your dog feel more comfortable by giving him something secure to stand on.
  3. Before placing my dog in the water I put cotton balls in his ears to keep the soap and water out.
  4. Now he’s ready to take the plunge.
  5. Lather up, and rinse well. Not rinsing well leaves the coat dull and the skin flaky.
  6. If your bath has a spray nozzle, rinsing is easy.
  7. Rinsing by pouring dirty bath water back over them defeats the purpose.
  8. No spray nozzle? Fine. Set up several “watering cans” or pans of fresh water for rinsing.
  9. Follow up by working in a dab of detangler or conditioner if needed.
  10. Rinse thoroughly a final time.
Well-groomed poodle mix, Sydney gets his close up.

I always provide words of praise and encouragement to my dog while bathing, helping him to attain a positive opinion of the process.

I know it’s messy, but let your dog shake. Your dog can remove more water by shaking than you can with a towel. So let him go, then finish the job with a towel after he’s done.

Don’t let you dog outside till he’s completely dry. You don’t want him rolling in something stinky and undo all your work.

Once dry, I brush again to achieve pampered pooch perfection.

3 thoughts on “Washing the Dog

  1. The kitchen sink works fine for Foxy and me. I subscribe to the air dry method, but his preference is more like a crazy run around the house and toweling off on the furniture.


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