Singing in Italian to His Little Dog: Photo Friday

Singing in Florence, Italy
This dog sat unmoving, never barked or moved from its spot.

In 80 degree heat, hurrying through crowds we stopped to watch this quiet white dog. I don’t read Italian but the message on the cardboard seemed clear enough. Though we had passed many beggars with cups held out, I felt I wanted to give to this man and his dog. The man gave his songs and the sweetness of his furry, pink beribboned terrier. A clean baguette and water bowl lay on the sidewalk.

Little white dog smiles into a breeze.
That wind feels so good. Now say that in Italian.

As I walked slowly toward them, the dog did not turn his head.

The sun-tanned Italian looked at me and continued to strum and sing.

I put Euros in their bowl. Then moved to the other side to watch another woman drop in a donation. As the musician continued to sing his gentle ballad, I noticed I felt generous because he offered his voice and instrument freely. An opening to life, a generous, however humble, gift of song.

In the deep shade, he had chosen to sit, keeping his furry friend cool, I felt more inspired than I had in all the churches we had visited in Italy. This man loved his dog. He completed a song, propping his guitar against the stone wall. When he spoke his dog turned and came to him, dragging a thin leash. The man tenderly raised his beloved dog. He slowly searched fur and paws for dirt and rocks, cleaning and speaking softly.

Most religions teach love. Love in action, showers us with care and kindness. This moment in time glows as his dog rests in his arms, lids lowered and drowsy.

Man  white dog close up
A welcome rest from performing on the streets of Florence

“Name’s Julia,” said the white-haired guitarist.

I said, “She’s such pretty and calm dog.”

“Julia is man’s name,” he murmured.

“Oh, thanks,” I said, nodded goodbye and walked away.

Later that night, friends in Florence laughed when I showed them the photograph. The wife said “The sign says, ‘We are hungry.'”

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3 thoughts on “Singing in Italian to His Little Dog: Photo Friday

  1. love.
    have you seen the film starring Michelle Williams and dog?
    it broke my heart and reminds me of this.
    i think that’ll be an iTunes rental later this evening.
    we are so fortunate to have the abilities to care for our sweetie pies. in fact, you will love my recent blog entry about my sweetie’s emergency trip to the veterinary hospital, i am certain!


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