Rabbits OK but No Mice: Photo Friday

When we first adopted our cocker spaniel and poodle mix dog, he had to meet our rabbit. That’s right, his new brother was a bunny. Our rescue rabbit came with the name of Paris. He knew he outranked any new pet in our home. Quickly with no fighting, Paris taught Sydney when to leave him alone.

Paris tolerated Sydney, but Sydney adored Paris.

Go figure!

Sid + Paris

Those two showed that

pet rabbits and dogs can be the best of friends.

Now our dog has outlived Paris and our second rescue rabbit, London. Those two rabbits had their tangles. Fought like cats and dogs. Of course, little female London at 3 pounds won the who is in charge of this house contest.

After that, they were a happy pair. They never again vied for territory. We found Paris and London cuddled up or one chin resting on the other’s back. And sometimes, they let Sydney think he was a playmate too.

Am I a rabbit now?
Hey, are you my brother? Are you sure?

Last week, a big surprise for me.

Sydney chases mice. Or one field mouse to be precise. I’m told (because I was on vacation) our dog magically turned into a mouser to rival many a cat. But Sydney was not permitted to kill the mouse. He kept the intruder cornered until Marc could get a box and take the mouse back to where he came from, the fields around our town.

I look into Sydney’s white furry face and wonder, what will he do next? I like that element of surprise, hidden talents, sudden spring into action dynamo or clowning in contrast to a serious pose.

I can’t tell you why, I like that quality in dogs or people, but it keeps me writing my “Why do dogs do that?” and mystery tales.

Feel like sharing any sudden talents or behaviors your pet showed?

Go ahead, I am all ears.

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