Scared by Dog Food Recalls?

 A month ago I set up a Google Alert on dog food recalls. Daily my email inbox receives news of canned dog food recalled due to bits of blue plastic (a choking hazard plus digestive tract danger) or kibble containing toxins. The USA Food and Drug Administration encourages pet food producers to voluntarily recall tainted or suspected contaminated food.

 Several big selling brands of dog chicken treats, sold at Wal-Mart and Costco, have been reported as making dogs ill or causing dogs deaths.

Yes, I'm always hungry.
Feed me the good stuff, I have a nose for great food. But I can’t tell if my food is toxic.

 This 2012-year the number of dog food recalls has hit an all time high.


Yes, scary enough to set up a Google Alert.

Ask your dog food supplier (supermarket, pet shop or feed store) what they have on their list that you should return. Ask how often they receive updates on dog food recalls.

What to Do About Dog Food Recalls.

How Can I Protect My Dog?

This answer depends on what you already feed your dog and what kind of dog you have. I don’t believe that there is a one-size fits all diet. Different breeds, mutts and ages have individual dietary needs. Plus many dogs have allergies or limited digestive ability due to over breeding or neglect.

Transition your dog to a local or small producer.

Consider cooking your dogs food.

What Food Is Best for My Dog?

 Your veterinarian could be the best source of healthy choices for your dog. Hopefully, you have a primary vet who knows your dog well. Preferably the vet who sees your dog for annual wellness check ups and immunizations. He or she should be able to help you choose a food less likely to be recalled.

If you have moved or your veterinarian has not helped you select a food your dog likes and stays healthy on, then talk to other dog parents for referrals to a knowledgeable feed or pet store. My local Western Farm feed store has been a wealth of helpful advice on choosing foods for my Sydney. Sydney’s a picky eater plus has skin allergies (needs to avoid wheat, corn, and beef). He also gets terrible gas on the wrong food.

Tune in next week for more conversation and tips on how to avoid buying dog food recall products. And in the interests of saving dogs lives, please share this with other dog lovers.


 Coming soon. An ongoing discussion began on LinkedIn.

What Do You Feed Your Dog? And Why?

 On LinkedIn June 27 I ask questions on what people feed their dogs. This is an active discussion group called Dog’s Best Friend and open to anyone on LinkedIn.

What do you feed your dog and why? I am just beginning a series of posts on how to feed different dogs healthy food that they digest well (many dogs don’t do well on raw or kibble diets).





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