Look Who’s Muzzle Training: Photo Friday

A lighter-side to dog training, especially with a dog that nips or barks, muzzle training. Fun…or maybe, funny?

Depending on what end of the muzzle you are on.

Sydney can still drink water, sniff, bark (softly) and chew. He loves to keep eye contact with me. Anyway you look at it, he is sure I will not leave when he rests his head on my knee.

Okay, I'll bark quieter.
Hey, does this dog muzzle make me look fat?

Why I Use a Muzzle on My Dog

Sydney came to us with a history of chewing on people’s hands. Worse yet, he had bitten more than one groom and several veterinarians. Our guess is that Sydney came from a backyard breeder, who weened him too early. Mother dogs teach their pups to stop biting and chewing at a certain age.

  • Slowly, I began short sniffs of the muzzle, giving him praise and treats.
  • Then he got used to having in pulled on his nose.
  • Finally, he wore it for a few minutes at a time while we hung out or played.
  • He graduated by wearing his muzzle to the Vet.

When walking our dog, we were all careful not to let children pet Sydney. Not for his first year with us. Young children move fast. Dogs on leashes cannot run. And we didn’t want him to do anymore biting.

For the last six years, he has not bitten anyone.

Short training session for wearing a dog muzzle.
Mom, is it dinner time?

Sydney’s loud barking still needs work. Thus muzzle training, but only for brief periods of time.

Muzzle Training Your Dog

  • Start slow.
  • Give encouragement and tasty treats.
  • Make it fun.
  • Keep muzzle training short (1 -2 minutes).
  • Never muzzle on your dog when you must leave him.
  • Never use a muzzle as punishment.

Muzzles are helpful safety and training tools.

Deutsch: Deutscher Schäferhund mit Maulkorb
Deutsch: Deutscher Schäferhund mit Maulkorb (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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