Martha Steward and her Unforgettable Adopted Dog

By Deborah Taylor-French

When I discover a new author I enjoy, I like to talk about what his or her writing means to me. This time, I met an author before I read her book.

Once I chatted with Martha Steward on Blog Paws, a pet blogger site, my appreciation grew quickly for her. I wanted to hear more.

Martha Steward writes books on pet adoption for children and for families. Martha’s Website notes that she donates part of her sales from her books to support literacy and pet adoption. This made me like her instantly.

Author of Darby's Story
Martha Steward

Martha Steward’s first book, Darby’s Story is a tender unfolding story, which encourages families to adopt rescue dogs. In 2010 Mom’s Choice Awards honored Darby’s Story with Silver in Animal and Pet Care.

“Darby was our first official dog adoption,” Martha said.

Author Interview

Deborah: How long did you work on your book and how did you do it?

Martha: “It took me good year to finish. I spent a lot of time editing and finding photos I would want to share with my readers. My son and I had a collection of photographs from the beginning of Darby’s life with us. So I had a great selection of images to choose from.”

Darby’s Story Book Trailer

Martha Steward: “This book trailer is another way to share Darby’s message, that rescue dogs make great family pets. This girl’s voice captures a moment of a child and a beloved dog enjoying life.”

Deborah: “What pets did you grow up with?”

Martha: “I grew up on my family’s farm in Topsfield, Massachusetts. We had a wide range of animals from cats, dogs, goats, cattle, horses, and of course, a pony. I collected chicken eggs, fed the rabbits, and helped plant the vegetable garden, pulled weeds and harvested. I enjoyed summer rides on my pony.”

Deborah: “As a child, what was your favorite animal book?”

Martha: “Any book with animals, especially horses and ponies. I enjoyed the Thelwell’s series by Norman Thelwell. A little girl goes through ‘how to be a better rider with a difficult pony.’ The antics of the pony and the illustrations are hilarious.”

Deborah: “Why did you write this book?”

Martha: “My son’s dog, Darby passed away while my son, Drew waited to be deployed to Iraq. With the uncertainty of my son’s return, I wrote Darby’s Story to honor 15 years of love and devotion. I also wished to celebrate Darby’s, and my son’s lives.”

She added, “Also I needed to express sadness and uncertainty in my heart. So Darby’s Story was my therapy. Also I wanted to write an ever-lasting memory of my son and his dog. We shared wonderful family adventures.”

Deborah: “I love that you donate copies of Darby’s Story to schools in support of literacy. How did that start?”

Martha: “A friend of mine, who is equally passionate about rescue animals and involved in the Lake Coalition for Literacy asked for Darby’s Story. She felt and so do I, a great way to teach about compassion towards animals is a good book.”

Deborah: “What is the pledge you took for Reading across America for 2012? Could you describe that program and how you became involved?”

Martha: “Reading Across America encourages young and old to discover that reading is a joy. This program took place in a month-long birthday celebration of Dr. Seuss and all his books. On my blog, Darby’s Story and More, I posted each day a new book or an article for families wanting new animal and pet stories.

Thank you Martha for sharing with my readers how you began writing your first book on pet adoption. Glad to hear you are writing your third book for children.

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Connect with Martha Steward

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  1. What an awesome review of a wonderful person, author and animal lover. Thanks for sharing this. 🙂


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