Healthy Dog Food? What Should I Feed My Dog?


By Deborah Taylor-French

More than once have I asked myself this question, what is the healthiest food for my dog?

Today, an old joke pops into my head that fits. Sorry, but I have forgotten the first line of the joke.

The joke ends, “It depends on the dog.”

I have reason to believe this answer fits my question.

What is the healthiest food I can feed my dog?

It depends on your dog.

 Sure, we can all surf the Internet for specific answers. We can consult dietary science, canine medical experts and even leaders in the field of dog breeding. This could result in hundreds of answers. We can consult our pets’ veterinarian. We can ask others with dogs like ours.

After adopting and raising five dogs over a span of twenty years, I know that each dog needed different foods. Some of the highly recommended foods made my dogs sick. After being called a “Health Nut” before organic foods became popular, I have not often gone with the flow of popular thinking about food, nutrition or diet.

Fancy names do not mean quality pet food. Dogs & dog food
Dog parents chat at Western Farm.

Which dog food should I use?

Being a big believer in forward thinking and eating a healthy diet, here is my short answer.

  • Fit the diet to the individual.
  • Know your dog’s needs for his breed, age and activity level.
  • Know what foods to AVOID using!

 Our pets are not wild animals.

Our dogs do not know what is toxic—or they would not eat dirt.

 Where does my dog’s food come from?

With dozens of dog food and dog treat recalls coming out weekly in the USA, only buy pet food from a producer you trust.

  • Avoid toxic chicken jerky and dog foods from China sold at Wal-Mart and Costco.
  • Do not buy dog foods with meat by-products or by-products in them.
  • Never give moldy meats or vegetables.
  • Avoid foods with corn, wheat, corn syrup, sugar and artificial colors.
Feed store selling a huge variety of healthy dog foods.
Customers are greeted with a howdy at Western Farm in Santa Rosa, CA.

What’s in my dog’s food?

What’s worse, this particular item is anonymous. It doesn’t even specify the source animal.” Dog Food Advisor: Saving Good Dogs from Bad Food. 

Check out Dog Food Advisor

I trust Dog Food Advisor to give me details on what is in a dog food, and what would be a good food to try with my dog. He is a picky eater and has skin allergies. With the rise of cancer in dogs, dogs with skin allergies have a higher chance of getting the disease. I buy foods with fewer ingredients and never include corn, wheat, food coloring, sugar and most grains.

Watch out for words like “natural” and “wild” because they can still contain toxins.

Beef and venison are natural, but they still can go bad or be cooked or packaged wrong.

Important information about a pet food recall impacting Taste of the Wild and Diamond customers. This post is from May 2012 listing nine foods voluntarily recalled. Unfortunately, more are added to the list each day.

Top 5 Dog Foods Dog Food Review 2012

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4 thoughts on “Healthy Dog Food? What Should I Feed My Dog?

  1. I use Orijin (Canadian made). It’s high in protein and doesn’t contain meat. My wheaten terrier, Farley, has told me in many ways that he’s a carnivore. I subsidize his food with cooked meat. Usually it’s the end bits of whatever we happen to be having for dinner. My belief is that it’s good for him to have meat and not just dry dog good.


    1. At what age did you start her on a raw diet? I think some dogs do well on raw foods, just like some people. Does she like some raw vegies? Sydney loves fresh snow peas plus a fresh zucchini slice.

      We only give tiny bites of carrots and apples. They are too high in sugar. His breed mix, cocker spaniel and poodle both get diabetes. I want to help him live a LONG and healthy life as I am sure you want for your sweet pug.


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