Bulldog Custom Cone: Photo Friday

By Deborah Taylor-French

After reading a newspaper feature on Axel the bulldog, I wanted to meet him. I did not realize he had just returned from eye surgery. He had to have his ingrown eyelashes removed. Poor guy, Axel with his red eyes, patiently waiting tø go out and play his favorite game.

Axel close up

At two-years-old, Axel stood solidly in the ArteFact Design and Salvage showroom like a thick and solid footstool. Once he saw an interest on my part, he greeted me with a friendly bump on my leg. He stood and took what was his due in praise and petting. Of course, I am a pushover for dogs. Axel knew that. Why else would I come in?

Never met a bulldog before. Or I should say, I never met a dog like Axel before. He seemed in charge of the place (without having to make a fuss). He showed dogged determination to bypass the door to his usual haunts. Because Axel, like all dogs, is a working dog. So naturally, he favors the workshop and storage yard outside.

Note the custom cone, a one of a kind, made to protect his eyes from harm.

Axel b w

I felt charmed by a dog who is renown in Sonoma County, written up in two newspapers and is rapidly drawing a fan club. I don’t think he has his own Facebook page yet.

I did spot him on Youtube.

Want to see Axel beat the bucket every time?

Watch A bulldog and his bucket on Youtube. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U4BBZXaRtYA

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