Do Good for Dogs: Share Safety Tips

By Deborah Taylor-French

Another blog sparked my morning post. When we know what keeps dogs balanced and healthy, do we do it?

Do You Understand the Body Language of Dogs?

Do you wonder when people leave their dogs tied out, if the dogs enjoy it? If you can take your dog to work, does he have to sit outside alone?

One warm afternoon this summer I saw this pair of dogs in the shade of a small set of shops and stopped to look at them.  I knew better than to enter their space. So camera in hand, I sat at a distance. After they noticed I was not walking or moving in close, they relaxed and laid back down.

Please come back soon.
We watch and wait for you to come get us.

Do You Respect Dogs Needs to Feel Safe?

Dogs evolved to protect their homes and territories. That’s why when you walk by a fence the dogs on the other side often bark themselves to exhaustion. Most of you know to never approach a dog that does not know you.

When you want to greet a new dog, do you always ask the dog’s parent or dog sitter before approaching?

I imagined I would have loved scratching this giant hound’s back. I didn’t try it. I like my hands and face too much.

A Big Dog Smile

Plus after raising a pair of Keeshond dogs, I learned that one dog can become VERY protective of another. So even if you love all dogs, when you see people who may not be aware of the distress to approaching a chained up dog, speak up.

Speak Up for Dogs.

Help people and their children avoid dog bites. You may be saving a dog’s life. After all once a dog has bitten, he is considered guilty of agression or too dangerous to live. He may be taken from his home, quarantined or put to death.

Dogs staked out often feel insecure. They can’t run from danger. So they have only one-way to defend themselves, they bite.

Please don’t leave your dog tied out, unless you can keep a very close eye on him.

A Warm summer nap

Thanks for understanding dogs.

Please share this post with others, especially families with young children.

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