Rescued Is My Favorite Breed

By Deborah Taylor-French

How can one sentence written on a t-shirt can say so much?

I never read one like this.

I grinned reading a slogan printed on a shirt. A slogan which sums up a credo many of us share. I couldn’t help feeling happy.

“Rescued is my favorite breed.”

A big plus is that I found it on The Animal Rescue Site. They have several online stores, Fair Trade, gifts and things for pets. I click on a link in their email reminder. In this way, everyday, I help feed shelter pets. Try it, and see how easy helping can be. Read A Free and Easy Way to Help Pets in Animal Shelters for more. I tend to be the last person to wear t-shirts with messages printed on them. Ask my friends. They will tell you I wear button-down shirts tucked into jeans. Long sleeves protect my arms from rose thorns and pet toenails. Now I have to get used to people reading my slogan out loud and smiling at me.

Rescued t shirt

You can order it too at The Animal Rescue Site store.

IMG 8995

Ways to Help Your Local Animal Shelter

Yesterday, I stopped by our local shelter. They are holding a month-long adoption special, a minimum of ten dollars for a dog, a cat or one small animal. They dubbed it their Trick-or-Treat month.

I like it that my local shelter keeps working to restore lost pets to their families and get abandoned pets a new home.

I like to feel part of the solution. I like getting involved. Right now, I cannot volunteer much, but I still want to help.

Get to know your animal shelter’s needs.  Show up at events and help out. Ask for their wishlist and get to know what they need. Listen to staff members.

Did you know that cat and bunny cuddlers are wanted and needed?

Yes, We Have a New Pet in Our Family!

I read the newspaper column my closest shelter manager writes weekly for our local paper. Now…after many months of wanting to add a pet to our family, we have. But you will have to read my updates to find out who came home with me on Sunday.

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