Yarrraf…Pirate Dogs

By Deborah Taylor-French

All dogs must be pirates. In or out of costume, dogs steal stuff.

Sydney loves food that is not his own. My unguarded sandwich, a scrap of carrot, a slice of raw broccoli, bits of cheese, basically any food that hits the floor. Like all dogs, Sydney is a pirate at heart. Any and all smelly foods top his list of favorites.

He also loves crunching up bits of raw snap peas. Hunts for them in our vegetable boxes and pulls ripe raspberries off the vine.

Whenever the phone rings, or I forget to make him go to his bed while chopping vegetables, he cruises under the kitchen counters. To my surprise, he even loves our homegrown zucchini.


Do Not Train Your Dog to Be a Pirate

If you have a kid in your family or a grandmother who likes tossing your dog bits of food, you will find out how quickly your well-trained dog can become a pirate dog.

One of Sydney’s favorite people is Winnie. One day I caught them on the sofa, doing this routine. Winnie was cutting single kernels of fresh buttered corn off the cob. Very expertly without looking at the dog, Winnie tossed each one to him. He happily caught and swallowed every single one.

Winnie and Sydney had their timing down perfect. Not one bite hit the sofa. I knew Sydney could be corny, but I did not know he was an expert catch.

Question: “What do pirates pay for corn?”

Answer: “A-buc-can-eer.”

No candy for me, really.
Dog napping after trying on too many Halloween costumes.

Long before Sydney met Winnie he had learned his pirate. Quiet, quick and sharp moves. And then, my sandwich disappeared.

Sure, dogs like people get bored with the same foods.

So this Halloween chop a few pieces of carrot, apple or snap pea and tuck them under plastic pots or bowls.

Watch your pirate dog do tricks for his treats

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