Dogs Love Being Nosy: Photo Friday

By Deborah Taylor-French

When I go nose to nose with my dog, I stretch out on a floor and let him sniff. Sydney finds my breath and nose interesting. Like all dogs, Sydney keeps a sharp nose out for favorite nibbles and new tastes. People food is a favorite. He snuffles the kitchen floor after I cook, trying to get lucky. Dogs like us, love new flavors and tastes and they can get bored with their food.

But some days, he looks bored.

Thunder Yawn

All the Training in the World Does Not Top Instinct

Sure, Sydney knows how to stay in his bed at the other end of the kitchen so he won’t get stepped on or woof down a toxic bite.  Chocolate, raisins, grapes and some nuts top the list of things dogs should never eat. But being a sneaky pirate, he knows when I am too busy to notice him slinking the kitchen’s edges. So be ware that if you live with a dog, he can turn into a food pirate at any time.

Use Your Dog’s Natural Instincts for Fun and Games

I explained how to set this game up. Cut small health treats up (carrot, snap peas, zucchini, cheese). Hide them under unbreakable pots. Call your dog in the room and let him use his nose to find which pots have food and which do not.


Some Cleaning Products Smell Good Enough to Eat?

Yes, they can smell interesting to your dog. So keep all toxics up and away from all pets.

Teach Your Dog to “Leave It” and to “Drop It”

Review tips coming soon.

One thought on “Dogs Love Being Nosy: Photo Friday

  1. I must be lucky with Farley. He won’t eat anything without permission and he drops on command if I don’t know what’s in his mouth. I once dropped a piece of steak on the floor and he waited for permission before eating it. I’m not kidding 🙂 My crazy dog is not food motivated.


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