A Bunny Brother?: Photo Friday

By Deborah Taylor-French

How Can A Dog Live with a Rabbit?

At first, when my girl made me sit next to her rabbit, I felt weird.

She kept saying, “Sydney sit. Stay.” Being a pup, I felt like running and barking, but NO. My girl made me sit for the photo you see here. I learned that having a rabbit for a brother can be fun. We both like the same treats.

Assertive House Rabbit Teaches Dog to Behave

Paris ignored me. He only grunted and charged at me if I bugged him.

Soon, I learned to quietly follow him around. When I bugged him, Paris zoomed into an igloo to take a nap. After a few years, I was out numbered, an only dog with two rabbit brothers. Don’t feel bad for me. I had fun with them, they chased me and I sniffed after them. We all liked to eat grass.

I do like our rabbit, Paris, but does he like me?
Are you sure it’s okay to sit close?

Paris and London do not hop around here anymore. I miss our bunnies. Two weeks ago, when I sniffed a door, I smelled a new rabbit, I scratched at a door, wanting to see him.

Play pens are okay, if they keep the crowds away.
Mom, are you sure I have to have a dog for a brother?

 Another Bunny Brother?

Sure enough!

Mom had brought Tokyo Tuxedo home. She adopted him from the Rohnert Park Animal Shelter. I can tell he does not like me. Not yet. Maybe, he doesn’t like dogs?

I get so excited, I whine and yelp. He shakes himself and hops away. I can only stay and sniff through the pen wire when I’m quiet. Mom feeds us both carrots. I hope Tuxedo likes me soon. That way, we both will get more carrots.

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